Monday, November 2, 2009

Priscilla's Heart Starburst

Priscilla's Heart Starburst

As I've mentioned in previous bloggerts, 
I have a dEEp FondneSS for Resin and its abilities.
And GliTTer makes it a Divine FondneSS.
GliTTer just glams up anything!

I found these really nice Bezels at hoBBy loBBy by 
Jewelry Shoppe.  Currently, they are not available,
so I am once again on the look~out for new places
to buy Le BezeLs. These bezels appealed to Me
due to their depth, which, pleasingly, are deep.
{much like a pristine, blank canvas screaming for Me to PAINT IT!!}
set My Imagination off with all kinds of Wild Ideas. 

Ideas to create this Miniature Story, 
this tiny Window of Art, 
and caRRy it around with Me.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
is a movie I adore. With its Glitz and Glam set against the Desert, and sometime Dreary MoMents in Life.
Who doesn't need some Sparkle??? 

So in homage to all those Priscillas',
I gathered the eSSenTials:
A Bezel
Fairy Dust GliTTer in Fuschia
Sequin Star Flower in Silver
Confetti Heart in Deep Pink
Easy Cast resin
Disposable mixing cups
Wooden sticks
Bit of Clay
Safety glaSSes

   First, take the tiniest dab of glue,
and glue the Heart into the center of the Star Flower.
Set it aside to dry.

Using a bit of clay, anchor Your Bezel
to Your work surface, and looking at each side, 
make sure it is LeveL.
This helps the Resin not pool and run over.

Easy Craft is a 1 to 1 ratio mix.

Using Your Disposable cups, pour equal amounts of each, 
into its own individual cup (left picture).
Pour each one into a Single Cup and mix for 2 minutes.

Then pour that mixture into a new cup and mix for about 30~45 seconds.

Time to get SaSSy!
Add Your GliT~Ter!!
I don't have an exact amount, I just go by appearance.
If, when I stop stiRRing, and the Resin settles, 
if it looks like theres a lot of clear resin on top,
I will add another pinch.
Watch Your amount though, because it could possibly mess up the set.
Using My wOOden mixing stick as a spOOn,
I driZZle the GliTTered Resin into the Bezel.
I use the half way point as my guide.
You don't want to fill it to much because when You go to add
Your embedded object, it will stand out too much, creating
a rough surface, and creating a resin run off.

I Let the resin sit for a few minutes, and then add one more pinch of GliTTer.
This gives me a really nice solid, showy GliTTer background.
Wicked Sparkles!

Once that layer has set up, about 30~45 minutes, 
I remove any excess GliTTer, give it a gOOd puff of breath to blow the GliTTer off
and then I take my
heart starburst with the tiniest dib of glue
and glue it in the Bezel. 
Give at least 20 minutes to dry, you don't want Your treat to float up.
Mix up another tiny batch of clear Resin and using your mixing stick ,
driZZle some into the Bezel.
Very carefully, drop a few drops of Resin into the center
til you get a nice even flat surface 
or a soft mound.
Don't over pour, You can always go back and add a thin layer.
The thin layers also help any blemishes or scratches that may have happened.
Old soft craft brushes are great for this.

Let set over night and there ya go.

Easy Cast instructions

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