Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Butterfly Necklace

A present was needed for a Girl in The Blu Man's class. She had done a very kind Hearted thing for Him, something most kids these
days wouldn't do. I wanted to return this, to let Her know, it did not go unnoticed.

I had the opportunity to ask Her about Her favorite colors. She replied "black & white".
She has the most vividly gorgeous red hair,
and I thought, how appropriate!

I just happened to have these Butterfly Pendants made which turned out to be perfect. She plays the Harp, so the Music ShEEt was Lagniappe! Luckily, I had the perfect Chain too.

Adding a note thanking Her for her kind heartedness, I slipped them into a muslin bag, and tucked it into Her hand as class let out the last day. She was smiling before She even opened it.

I have no idea if She liked it or not, I suspect I will find out in August when They resume school. 

Apologize about the picture, which is a shame, because the Black GLiTTeR REALLY just shimmeys and shimmers. The Resin really highlights the Music Notes also.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stretching a Canvas

 My most favorite part of stretching a canvas....
putting on the canvas.
It's just so.....fresh.

You can buy rolls of Canvas at various prices;
I went to the Student supply store and bought mine by the yard
since I was only doing one canvas.

a big ass bunch of Staples
Staple gun
Canvas Stretcher ~ optional

Cut the Canvas to size. 
Make sure there is enough to give a few inches 
on the back of  the frame.
 Start Stapling.

 and stapling, and stapling, and stapling...
and so on and so on.

Looking at the picture below,
bottom is 1
top is 2
left is 3
right is 4.
This is the number order to staplestaplestaple.

I usually do 3 to 5 Staples a side before moving to the next one.

 If you're lucky enough to have one of these lovely things,
 use it.
Not only does it help with a tight stretch,
the small block is a great guide for the Staple gun
to butt up against for cleaner stapling.

 I try to get a nice clean flush fold on the edges.

Trim any extra bulky fabric, fold in, and....wait for it.....Staple.

  and there you have it.
A fresh clean Canvas to use.

Using the extra wood and left over fabric
 I put together a small canvas.
 I have the perfect paints I want to try on this.
A whole set of transparent colors.
 oh, the Intrigue.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Priscilla's Earthly Delights

 Priscilla says "HoHoHo"

Meet Plastic Santa.
He is now an official resident in Kelly's Frontier.

I think he will look grand next to the Yulemas tree this year~

Friday, May 20, 2011

Constructing a Wooden Frame for Canvas

 It was so delightful and satisfying to finally learn to build 
my own canvas frame for painting.
No more paying for overpriced canvas's. 

I'm in need of a practice Canvas, 
and this pOor wOOd was going all Wonky,
plus I had the Saw out....
hey, Opportunity!
Let's make a Canvas.

While I was taking University classes, 
I would just take my wood to the shop,
and let them cut it for me.

With minimal tools, You can do it your Self.
1x2 WoOd Boards
Headless Nails
Corner Brackets w/ Screws
1/4' Quarter Round

If you have access to a Table Saw, this is the Best.
You can bevel the long edges
and cut your end angles, all at once.
Plus, you don't have to worry about the QR.
If not, a Miter saw ~ Electric or Hand,
will do.

I cut my straight lines and then my angles.
But you can also get two angles from one cut
{which will save a LOT of time with the Hand Miter}.

This site has a great section on the two Miter Saws:

If using the QR for the eDge,
use the 1/4 Quarter Round
the same size as the 1x2,
attaching them with headless nails.
{also shown in above tutorial}

I use the 1x2 pine boards.
Lay them out on the store floor to check for straightness.
Depending on how big your want your frame,
will depend on how many boards you need.
Don't forget to add the Support Beams 
for the inside of the frame to your measurements.
They are fairly inexpensive.

Gather your Supplies and begin.
Remember the golden rule: 
Measure. Measure again. 
Then cut.

 Once you cut all your WoOd,
start putting it together.

 Using Headless Nails, Corner Braces, and a Drill
I put the frame together.
WoOd Glue is optional.

This is always the worst part for me.
I am constantly struggling to get a good clean corner.
It really would BeHoOve you to invest in some Corner WoOd Clamps
{Harbor Freight has them for $4 each}
Since I'm using this as practice on the building and painting part,
I'm not going to get obnoxious about the corners.
There's nothing bitchier than having to take apart a complete Canvas
to shave off 1/4 inch from one pocky corner!. and yes, yes I have.

I will put some wood glue on the corner cuts after checking to fit,
and using one or two nails, tack the frame together.
After checking the fit again, if there are no adjustments,
I put in the Corner Braces with the Drill
When measuring for the Support Bars,
I add an extra 1/4 inch to the length, for a snugger fit.
It's much easier to shave a bit off,
than have the damn thing too short and wasted...and yes, yes I have.
Insert middle support boards and attach with nails or some smaller corner braces.
My canvas's are usually big so I do the braces for extra support.

You have a naked Canvas Frame.

Tomorrow, we shall clothe it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Garden of Thrice and the Swap Co~op

 Alrighty ha~ three times the charm they say.
We shall see.

Childhood Friend Since 2nd Grade ~ Eleanor to some, Elly to most
..and I,
are doing a Garden Swap. 
We picked a few things to grow, 
She's doing some, 
I'm doing others
and then, wait for it.................we swap.

Have no doubt, that I will be the greater beneficiary in this,
for She is the green thumb horticulturist,
and I do my gardening on Hail Mary's and Cussin.

My Garden ~ Creole Tomatoes {local allll the way}


Perhaps ~ Chamomile

The Chook Man planted his PePPers again,
of which there was an abundance last year;
hoping for the same again.

Eleanor has in her Garden~
Tomatoes {different variety of which the name escapes me}

On a very delightful note,
I've been watching My Persimmon Neighbor's trees
and they are starting to get full and luscious.

So I raise my coffee mug to those Garden Spirits,
in hopes of  Them having a sense of humor,
and blessing Me with an abundant garden.
Who are we kidding?
I'd be happy with one tomato.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two SiSters Mary Thoughts for the Day ~ May

"There is no art in turning a Goddess into a Witch,
a Virgin into a Whore,
but the opPosite operation,
to give Dignity to what has been Scorned,
to make the Degraded desirable...
that calls for Art or for Character."
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Bring Back the Light ~ Gypsy {Enchantress cd}

"Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun."
- Kahlil Gibran

Taurus print ~ Reneenault

Take the Fair Face of Woman ~ Sophie Anderson

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vintage that is just really crap....

One of the biggest disappointments about our trip
{besides not coming up with a tattoo design in time}
was the RI~DONK~U~LOUS!!! prices
that the "vintage" shops have truly invented.
Megalomaniac comes to mind.

Honey, your stuff is just that....stuff.
It's not even great stuff, it's mostly crap.

And although, 
that really perfect mint green trio 
of Fire King mixing bowls Maybe worth the $85/95 tag you put on it,
the $30 tag that you put on the vingrette bottle ~ isn't!

Priscilla says "Outrageous!!

Gregg at Gregg's Antiques {where we got our 2 lounge chairs last October} 
took my deal I offered ~ $10 for the Plastic Santa, half of what they wanted...SOLD
I was really thinking $7 but He gave us a tremendous deal last time so it was worth
the extra $3. I will be going back!

The point being I could have gotten a brand new giant one for less than that.

Priscilla says "What a nice man"

Fellow Betty~Blogger, Lizzie, at   The Vintage Traveler

has several well written,
intelligent Musings and Posts on this subject,
from the Fashion perspective.

The Basics still apply to all areas.
Calling it Vintage, doesn't make it quality.

So, the Treasure Hunt continues....

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Anniversary to The Chook Man and I

 Hello, Lover.

Last year was the great Vegas road tripp to renew our vows with Elvis.

This year we headed to New Orleans; our  fave place to get away, 
for a few days of {fill in the blank}

We resided at Lamothe house {SiSter house to The Frenchmen}.
 where We stayed on our honeymoon.

It was a GORGEOUS!!! weekend in NOLA.  
It felt like October.
Apparently,  to my best guess, 
most of the World had been there last weekend for Jazz Fest, 
which left the town quiet and easy.

Lamothe {and The Frenchmen a block away}
are within walking distance of pretty much everything.
The French Market is right there,
Envie, our favorite coffee shop,
LOADS of Restaurants.

We were really excited about Treasure Hunting 
but alas, these shopkeepers have lost their minds
with the pricing guns!

Didn't stop our fun!
Here's to
Lazy Days of Love.

It's Friday the 13th...gotta get the Special Undies out!

Kismet Lucky 13
I LoVe Friday the 13th. 
It's a great day in Kelly's Frontier.
and Fun.

Happy Anniversary to The Chook Man

Faaaancy celebration....New Orleans bound


Sunday, May 8, 2011

May ~ Taurus the BuLL

 I believe in Pink.

Pretty in Pink ~ The Psychedelic Furs

Clean lines; simple design.
Chunky, nothing bull about this.

 Pink Scented marker.

Lakshmi ~
Hindu GoDDeSS of Wealth,
Spiritual & Material Prosperity,
Light, Wisdom, Fortune,
Fertility, Generosity, and Courage
She is also
the embodiment of Beauty, Grace, and Charm.
and Her color is Pink.
What more could a GoDDeSS ask for???

I know....Plastic Elvis.
The World is complete.

How LoVeLy is this?
This Pink Goddess soap is listed as one of the companies best sellers.
Scented in Tropical Citrus, a scent perfect for any time of the year.
Big Bonus: $1 donation {from each purchase} to a Breast Center

These Dudes are listed as earrings;
I think they would be great as Cuff Links.
Tell the World, you wanna mess with the Bull
you gonna get the horns....

If the Bull gets a little much in your Life,
let this guy handle it!

For the Mother Taurus,
this Gorgeous pink Jade bracelet.
 These and Nothing else.....
except for some frosty pink lipstick

But....If you must go out, these flats look to have Class and Comfort.
Fuchsia Cotton for Day
Fuchsia Silk for Night.

Put on some Pink, and go out to take the World.
As You do, remember this:
We Bulls Wobble, but We don't fall down.....

MahaLakshmi Altar photo ~ venkatraman photography

Silver Taurus Bull ~ inekemathot

Lakshmi statue figurine ~ Krishna Culture

Pink Goddess Soap ~ Oregon Oatmeal Comapany

Pink Bracelet ~ Mummarocks

Pink Mary Janes ~ Heartsndilly

Pink chinese Mary Janes

El Matador ~ tspvintage

Oxen Earrings ~ Karramba

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Priscilla's Earthly Delights

Priscilla says "Sunday Brunch....New Orleans style"

Oh Priscilla!
You do surely know my Heart.

Smashingly Lovely dress.

I have stockings in the Pink that match this perfectly. 
Also, one or two pairs of shoes in the Brown
that will greet Autumn happily.
Needs a Belt; but that's an easy solution.
The print is what caught my fancy.
Delicate Floral in my favorite colors.

This dress was a happy find.
Aww, Cher,now to find the perfect vintage jewelry.....

Enid and Edgar

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My "VinTaGe" Art....or work i've done in the past

small acrylics

My attempts to conquer the Visual Human.
Very cookie cutter;  used transfer paper to copy body outline and would work on shading to define.
These days, I make every attempt at complete free~hand.

But I still had fun...............