Monday, March 20, 2017

Shave Oil

Shave Oil

I started making this for the Huzzleband a few years ago. 
He's been hoOked ever since!
It's a very simple recipe, 
and less expensive than 
buying a store version.

4oz of Sweet Almond Oil
4oz of Apricot Oil
Cedar essential Oil
Orange essential Oil
Pine essential Oil

Simply mix the oils together 
and then drop essential oils in.

To find a scent combination that you like, 
I would try this method: 
Using q~tips,
place 1 drop of oil per end 
and then put into a ziplock baggie. 
Let it rest. 
Then proceed to testing 
which scent you like.

You might do 6 drops of cedar {so that would be one drop on each end of three sticks} 3 drops of pine {one drop on three ends using two sticks} and 2 drops of orange {one drop on each end of one stick}

Let the baggie rest anywhere from 10 minutes to whenever you get to it. Open the ziplock and using your hand, waft the scent towards you. You should get a decent idea of the scent combo. From there adjust the amount of you scent you want either by doing the q~tips or adding it to the Base Oil and adjusting there.

I cannot emphasize this enough! 
I wrote down the original recipe I used when making this the first time. From there I can adjust it however the Huzzleband likes. He may want more Pine this time around so I add a few drops extra at a time til it's what he likes. 

This is the easiest customizable product to make. Decide which Base/Carrier Oils will suit what you want. I used Sweet Almond Oil as a good basic base. I chose Apricot Oil since it helps with fine lines and moisturizing. If you were making this shave oil for legs, you may want to do Sweet Almond oil with perhaps Safflower Oil.
Make sure and read if the oil has a scent itself and the description of it. Or better yet, if you can, test it at the store.

Whatever scent you LoVe, you can add.
Rosemary makes an excellent scent, as do Chamomile, Cocoa, and Lemon. 


So get that little Mixologist Heart a'mixing and mix up some delicious shave oil.
You'll LoVe everything about it!

Friday, December 18, 2015

That time of the year again!
Party Time!

Every year I try to think of new and different gifts
for Teachers, and Student's goody bags.
In addition to those, I'm the one who usually does the party crafts, 
which means a LOT of time
for creative thinking and gathering of the supplies.

As much as I love to BaKe,
I know the Teachers get overwhelmed with BaKeD goOdies, 
so I try to come up with something different.

What I started doing last year,
 was get them gift cards from one of 
our local coffee shops.
I put a $5 limit on it,
 enough for a medium to large drink,
or a small drink and a pastry.

Using my Silhouette, I cut out these pretties:

They are supposed to bend at both ends and pop open to make a small pillow,
but I don't know if it was the humidity
or the paper wasn't thick enough 
{even though I did use heavy cardstock}
they just wouldn't pop open,
so I ended up just folding them over like this:

This year's gOody Bags:

Many parents put candies or edible treats in the goOdy Bags,
which is why I go the Art route!
These kinds of crafts you can get
at Michael's and Hobby Lobby
in bulk bags 
and usually marked down.
And Don't Forget Your Coupon!
for those things that aren't.

Mini~BuBBLes and a homemade ornament
complete the ensemble.

Happiness in a plain brown paper bag!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Squee! Noir Movie MaRaThoN!!!

Oh My!

The Chook and I 
these old vintage films....

TCM's Noir Movie Marathon

Murder Mystery at its BesT!

I just found out about it a few days ago,
but you can bet that we're on top of it now...

and don't forget your
butter butter buttered popcorn
coffee ice cream shakes!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

TooLs I'd LiKe to HaVe....


a TiLLer.

Our yard is small enough for this size tiller to be perfect!
Our house was built in 1953 
and the yard is seriously packed.
It could use with a bit of loosening up.

and it's electric which means no running to the gas station for gas.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Crafts from around the corner.....

Aren't they gorgeous?
so grOOvy and Sci Fi!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Priscilla's Earthly Delights

oooh where's me cuppa?
I've got some Delightful reading ahead....

My collection of vintage Christmas Craft magazines
has just grown significantly!

I love going through all these vintage magazines.
Many of the crafts are fantastic,
and many of them bring back
childhood memories!

Now to sticky note all those crafts......


Friday, November 8, 2013

Patchouli Plants

Whole fOOds has their Patchouli plants in!

Every year I wait, and wait...
and then,
they come in.
And then,
I buy a bunch!

I  heart Patchouli.