Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's EvE Family get~together

Melted Brie and Toasted Peasant Loaf
Earl Grey Tea
Red Wine

Hot Cocoa
Cheesecake Brownies
Roasted Chestnuts
The Happy Womb Weebles
The Chook Man
My Self

Old Movie.

Makes for fully bellies,
Happy Constitutions
Great viewing....

1!......{see next post}

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Wrapping

Christmas Wrapping ~ The Waitresses

I LOVE the Funnies for wrapping paper.  
I don't get to do it very often, due to the fact that
hardly anybody gets the paper anymore!

But this year....jackpot!
Also recycled tissue paper from other presents, scraps of yarn...viola!
The tissue paper is great for those "round" shapes that need coverage.

These small snack boxes, are perfect for things
like gift certificates.

For t shirts, you can't go wrong with
some hand cut tags,
scrap yarn,
and five minutes. 

And of course, everyone is gonna read the comics.
You get twice the giggle for the price of one~ 
and it's all free which makes it triple nice!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wooden Tiered Tree the Third

This is by FAR,
my favorite of the Three Trees, 
that I have made.

It's just pure, simple, clean.

A simple, expressive Garland for decor.
{next time, I will make it a wee bit longer}

The only bit of color
is the felt glued to the bottom.
This shade of Blue, 
is just so expressive of Wynter.
The naturalness of the Wood,
really makes the CoLoR glow.

I have to say, that I have really enjoyed this project.
Every time I do a new Tree, I get ideas for 5 more....
There are so many alternatives to this project, 
it will make you dizzy!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Full moon ~ December ~ Wynter Solstice

 What a wonderful Wynter Solstice.

The Long Nights moOn.
with Candlelight,
Wynter Offerings,

 A great time for renewal, out with the old,
in with New Life and Living, 
now that the days will be getting longer.
Give thanks for the
abundance and prosperity,
Celebrate the hard work
and rewards.

 Be Happy.

Monday, December 20, 2010

MoOn pLate....

 what a wonderful full moon project

This is one of my all time favorite things to make.
Clear glass plate
Contact paper
X ~ acto knife, new blade
Glass etch
Frosted Glass paint
Plate holder
Tea light candle

Wash and Dry the plate.
Cover the inside of the plate with your Contact Paper.
Using the marker, trace the face.
Take the X~acto knife and cut out the pieces
{the unfrosted spaces are where the contact paper stayed on}

Gloop on  the glass etch and let sit for correct amount of time
{see your glass etch instructions}

Wash off thoroughly and let dry.
Test a small edge or corner to make sure etch took.
I've done a second coat before.

Once this is done, and you've rewashed/dried,
peel the contact paper off.

You can then use the Glass Frosting paint to spruce up the etch,
like around the cheeks, chin, eyes..

Once the MoOn Plate is finished,
set on plate holder,
light tea candle,

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

If you only read one book for the Yulemas holidays,
make it this one.

It's Magical.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vintage Traditional Stockings....

Felt Stockings,
Elmer's Glue,

can't get more vintage retro than that~
We tried the fancy stockings one year,
and it just didn't have the same feel.

Plus, these babies hold a lot of loot,
um, I mean Goodies and Sweets.

I wish I had a picture of the year we had 
13 of them hung up across one whole wall...

Nicknames add more fun to the project.

I like to use the 
Red/Green/Silver combination GLiTTeR.
  This has the most Festive feel to it.

Gently and on medium heat,
iron the stocking using a small towel 
or cloth napkin as a barrier
{you don't want your felt, to melt}

Write the name in glue,
pour on the GLiTTeR,
allow to set for about 10 minutes,
gently shake off the extra GLiTTeR,
and let completely dry.

The Family Loves them.

Now get to stuffing......

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bread Dough Tree & Star Garland

The Bread Dough Ornament fun continues.

I just LoVe these Trees!
Of course, the photos really are just a bummer.

this Garland was very long
and I just couldn't find a complimentary spot 
to photog them in.

I used 4 different shades 
of Green for the design. 

These cracker thin 
Ornaments need careful handling, 
but are worth it.

A bonus is that 
I also came up with
about 2 or 3 
new and improved ways
to create these Babies~
using different materials and tools.

I think I may have just gone into the Holiday HoHo Ornament business!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Orleans, Family, & Santa's Quarters


We had our Family Road Tripp
to New Orleans today.
Unfortunately, the Wind bordered on completely miserable,
so the day tripp was shorter than I would have liked.

But we accomplished our main goal
which was to peruse and purchase
at Santa's Quarters. 

This year we had the addition of 
The Sugar Bomb's best friend.
Their Laughter, and girl chitter chatter was the icing on the cake.

The Decor was tops as usual. 
Unique and LoVeLy.

I Spy......

Oh the excitement and overload of so much

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...... DECIDED!

 I picked these.
 The Sugar Bomb Babe picked this and the ballerina

 The Blu Man's Bumble,
and yes, we are a PFLAG Family!

The Bluebird we picked to give to Grammie.

The plan was to finish up with a trip to
Cafe Du Monde for Beignets and Hot Chocolate.
Unfortunately New Orleans was stuffed to the gills with high school football championship games,  plus Saint's fans. The line out the door was to long to wait in with The Womb Weebles
so we saved the Beignet's for our local Coffee~shoppe.
and it was SO worth it!