Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Movies ~ Traditional and a few New

The ULTIMATE Holiday Movie!!

We all know the Classics.
We LoVe them
because they are The Classics.

Every so often, 
a new one will pOp up
that I like enough to add
to My List.

Some of the Newer Ones that I look forward to:

A Season For Miracles
I've been a fan of Carla Gugino since Son In Law.
I actually didn't discover this movie til a few years ago
even though it was released in 1999.

Holiday in Handcuffs
 Melissa Joan Hart...just sayin.
Quirky as always,
cheesy romance,

Friends and Lovers
 although, not technically a Christmas Movie,
its set during the Holidays.
Reminds Me of back in the day,
all The Singles gathering together,
Wynter Road Tripps.

Of course, the Classics:

A Muppet's Christmas Carol



A Christmas Story

and what isn't there to LoVe about
It's a Wonderful Life

Damn, yes it is, yes it is!

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