Monday, December 6, 2010

Wynter White Forest Tree

Wynter White Yulemas Tree

Here is a smaller version of the Wooden Tiered Tree,
and all in White.

This version came much
closer to my Vision,
than the first one, 
and had Me eager 
to make many more!

The Tree is 9 inches tall, and I started with 7 inch slats up to 2 inch.

Diamond Dust Glass GLiTTeR 
was applied very liberally,
I tried making the branches look like 
they had Sneaux piled on them.

Using Clear, Silver, and White Findings, 
I made an assortment of 
Ornaments and Decorations.
Candles also.

I placed small mirror glass tiles around the bottom for the Ice.

I really like the look of the plain wood against all that White.

I'm making a few more of these to give as gifts this year.

my poor candle light!

Original Tiered Tree/Instructions

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