Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rainy Day Froggalicious

I ToTally LOVE these Froggies.
Great fun on a Rainy Day...
and we've been having LOTS of them.

The CoLoR combinations are
Between the Dye and the GLiTTER!
I can produce a whole Rain Forest.

Thanks to the new Dremel Work Station
the Chook Man gifted Me with,
I can now add lots of Shiny Decorative Stuff
to make these Froggies sing.

But what I really want to do
is make brOOches out of them
and wear 5 at one time,
a whole Frolic of Froggies

Saturday, July 30, 2011

PrisciLLa's EaRThLy DeLighTs

Being able to watch those
Vintage Movies
I've had recorded for weeks!

 In Late night viewing format,
No Interruptions,
No kids,
No sharing  the PoPcorn...
{Priscilla says: Butter~Butter~Butter Buttered PoPcorn;
would you like some PoPcorn in that Butter?}

now, where's the remote....

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Classic Pot Luck Fare ~ Spinach Dip

 yes, yes...those are the infamous Corner Cheesecake Brownies~

 Pot Lucks.
gotta LoVe em.

Knorr's Spinach Dip is a classic dish for such parties.
Especially in the 90s, there was hardly a gathering without a bowl of it.
It's been awhile since I've made it and I thought it would be perfect for
Eleanor's Birthday Pot Luck.

It's so easy and only needs a few ingredients:
Sour Cream
Knorr's Vegetable Dip packet
5 minutes....

Add your Fav~O~Rite Crackers
{SOCIABLES!! another childhood classic}
and even The Beav's Mom will approve!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Two SiSters Mary Thoughts for the Day ~July

 I walk without flinching
through the burning Cathedral
of the SuMMer. 
My bank of WiLd GraSS is majestic 
and full of Music. 
It is a Fire that Solitude 
presses against my Lips.  
~Violette Leduc, Mad in Pursuit

Let the rain kiss you.  
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. 
Let the rain sing you a lullaby.  
~Langston Hughes

Saturday, July 16, 2011

PrisciLLa's EaRThLy DeLighTs

 The Chook LOVES Me!
I listen to Music every chance I get..

Basically, All Day.

How verra aggravating to have headphones that don't fit.
Falling out, dulling the Music.
{Priscilla says: Especially when Sam Cooke is singing.
That's just Blasphemous!}

Until now.

These ear buds are Ab Fav.
They come with 3 sets of rubbers~
small, medium, large.
This way you can find the fit that is most comfortable.
I went with the Small...
the beTTer to hear You with my Dear.

The cord isn't so long that it keeps catching on things,
or too short so you keep ripping them out of the ears.

Lagniappe: they're PINK!

Now I just have one more excuse to 
download even more Music.

Friday, July 15, 2011

July FuLL MoOn ~ Buck MoOn

Jennie Simmons ~ Is John Cannon your daddy?
Buck Cannon ~ Sometimes, he's my daddy;
but most of the time he's my big brother.

Cigarettes, Whiskey, and Wild Wild Women~ Buck Owens

Julie Varkas art work

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Suburbs

 wow, what a night, oh yes it really was such a night....

My beloved Priscilla was stolen...
and taken back!

Everyone knows how much I love my bike The Chook Man Santa brought me for Yulemas.
Now being married to a Copper can be a little nerve racking with crime and stuff.
Being the great Huzzleband he is, he reminds me to be careful, use my lights, and lock my bike.
Being the casual laid back hippie I am, I sometimes don't want to be burdened with it.

I'm visiting my friend Eleanor and her girlfriend Lynn at the Treehouse.
Lynn looks up and says "WTF?"
We all look down at the drive way to see a thug punk with dreads and maroon jeans, cause you know, camouflage is great for Thievering, flying out her driveway on my bike.
I'm running down the stairs, mumbling my bike my bike omgomgomg...he stole my bike, he stole my bike. Running back up the stairs saying call the cops, wait I'll call the cops, running back down the stairs, out to the street where I can see them down at the end of it {there was another guy with him} circling like buzzards.
I'm on the phone with dispatch, he's telling my to calm down, because the adrenaline has my breathing pumping like a pressure cooker.
The Probation Lady happened to be outside and asked did he steal your bike,
yes mam, he did  { still breathing like a pressure cooker}.
Eleanor comes flying out the driveway in her truck, I jump in, we go flying down the street.
Now, I'm pissed. Really pissed. Like going Turkish~on~your~ass pissed!
She was aiming towards the second guy with her truck,
and I'm yelling "no not him, there there",
So she aims her truck at the Thug Punk.
She stops the truck, shes yelling out the window "GET OFF THE FUCKING BIKE"
I GUARANTEE, he never thought two old white ladies would come after his ass.
Of course he took off running, jumping the 6 foot wooden fence.

Cause his choices were:
Get run over
Get arrested

Thanks to Priscilla being a Cadillac, she wasn't going over the fence with him.
Bastard destroyed my basket with bolt cutters trying to get it off,
tossed the cell phone holder,
but left the bell.
Hey dumbass, don't you think the bright ass blue bell would be more recognizable?

Like Chook said " good thing the bike lock was safe in the treehouse"
har har har.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Citrusy Fresh Laundry Wash

 I've been completely in LoVe with the whole homemade detergent
{HOMEMADE, hoOkers!}
for a few years now.

When I don't have time to make a whole batch of it,
I will just shave off a thin slice using a cheese grater thingy,
and toss that in the wash.
But thanks to a fellow Betty Blogger, I'm going alll the way this time.
 The biggie ~ she added a bar of Dr. Bronner's to her mix.

Talk about Potions and Notions.
What a great idea.

I chose the Citrus, well, because, the cover is Yellow
and I love the scent of Citrus.
Actually, I was thinking, besides the great scent,
the Citrus might even help brighten a little more.
I'm no chemist {I prefer Mixologist, if you please}, just guessing.

Let's get to Mixologing:

Box of Borax
Box of Baking Soda
Zote soap
Dr. Bronner's Citrus soap
Moderate sized Container
Food Processor with Grater attachment
Cheese grater
Big Bowl
Great Outdoors

Using the Slice side of my Cheese Grater, I grated both bars of soap.
Then put them in the Food Processor to finely grate.

Then add half a box of Baking Soda to the food processor.
Maybe add the whole box later.
{I want to make sure it doesn't leave a film on my clothes first}
Dump this into your big mixing bowl, add box of Borax.
Then run the complete mixture through the food processor 
till completely mixed and a fine texture.
I used a small bowl to scoop it out and put in the processor.
Place in container and voila!

You have Citrusy Fresh Laundry Wash

Most recommendations average 2 TBL of Laundry Wash to the washing.
I add a spoonful extra to my towels.

I love this kind of stuff.
My grandma would be proud!

Here's My Bit of Earth's version:

Saturday, July 9, 2011

TarT Class

What a Wonderful way to spend the Day! 
I've always been interested in Pastry making/cooking.
Over the last several years, I've occasionally called around
locally for just a Pastry Class.

You always had to take the full Cooking Course {4 year program}.
Finally they came up with the 2 year Pastry program.
Then even Better than that.....wait for it: LEISURE Classes!
What better way to learn some new stuff 
without the financial and time commitments 
needed for the full course. 

They average about $100 dollars a class, 
give or take a few dollars.  
Since I know a guy...I got a discount. 


This particular class was on the Turkish Mother's Birthday 
{Happy Birthday Mom!}
so I treated Her also. 
Oh what a LoVeLy Day!

We prepared 1 Large Fruit TarT
and 4 Smaller TarTs of Various Stuff.
I forgot to get a picture of the Fruit TarT
{not a fan of Fruit TarT so I gave it to Eleanor}

The Mini Tarts were actually easier than the big one.
I'm definitely a Fan now.

This is what we made:

Apple Bourdalou 
{this was my favorite}
Chocolate TarT
Linzer TarT
These were Delish! 
The Blu Man wiped them out in two days!
I did manage to get half the Apple one.
We were able to keep the extra dough, so I can remake them.

This was the German Chocolate TarT which was really Tasty
but we used the wrong type dough so it fell apart. 

This was a mini HoHo Holiday...
Family, Food, Fun
{the 3 most important rules and criteria for a proper Holiday}

 If you're looking to try something new and broaden your horizons,
look up your local Culinary school and see what they have to offer.

now I can cook allll Faaaancy!

Friday, July 8, 2011

July ~ Cancer the Crab

 it's when Wonder Woman takes Her vacation...

So Hott ~ Kid Rock

Cool piece for a Hot Night

Fireworks for your body, mind, and soul....

Sultry as a July night.

for all you Pee Wee~ettes out there!

wrapped in MoOnLight

Now these I would wear with a White Blouse and
Baby Blue pencil skirt...Piratelicious!

and a Sailor say "Brandy...."

Ice Dreams jewelry

Bollywood oil

Ruby Quartz & Gold Earrings

White Mary Janes

Silver dress

Crab Cufflinks

Moonstone Pendant

Painting ~ Unknown. I could not find who the artist is. Please let me know if you do.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My "VinTaGe" Art....or work i've done in the past

 Creating miniature scenes or captured moments
in small boxes fascinates Me.

I really should do more of them.
For many years, I would take old cigar boxes
and create Magic Boxes with them
to give to Friends for Yulemas.
It actually became a looked forward to event.

This was based on the song
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds ~ Elton John

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My FaVoRiTe tOOLs ~ Razor Saw

oh lovely saw, razor saw...
how i have waited for thee!

I work with a LOT of Resin.
One of the biggest problems
is being able to cut.

Dremel ~ only so so, and depends on what you need.
If you use a cutter wheel,
you can only get half through and then you have to turn your piece.
Many times that leaves an very unsightly ridge,
which takes serious sanding to get out.

Jewelers Saw ~ yeah, if I like wasting 20 blades on one cut.

Jigsaw ~ yeah, right.

Band Saw ~ haven't tried yet.

Mini Cutter Saw ~ will be trying soon.

You get the jist of it.
I don't know how I never stumbled upon this,
but I hit pay dirt in my gOOgLeNess.
A Razor Saw.
Model Train and Model enthusiasts seem to really like this tool,
and now I know why.
I went for the middle one, and luckily
HoBBy LoBBy not only carried it,
but had it in stock.
And does it work.

Yes, I have to use some elbow grease
{but hey, my arms could use it}
But as long as I go slow and steady,
I can get some hella good cuts.
Thinner than I've been able to with other blades.
The handle is extremely comfortable in the grip department.

The cuts are clean for resin.
Resin is going to have cut~film no matter what you use
{at least in my experience so far}.
This keeps it minimal which is VERY important 
when it comes time for the task of Sanding.

I cannot say anything about how long the blade lasts,
I haven't used it that long yet.
These are not replaceable blades.
The experience with this razor blade makes it easier to 
decide to try a higher end model that does come
with replaceables.

This was less than $15, and I've already gotten my money's worth out of it.

Friday, July 1, 2011

PrisciLLa's EaRThLy DeLighTs

Sarah Coventry Midnight Magic set.

This is my second set from Sarah Coventry.

I really Lucked up on this one, 
getting it for a FANTASTIC deal!
This was the first time I've seen
a complete set like this,
with all 5 pieces.
The Ring was Lagniappe.

It's Beautiful.

{Priscilla says "Be Still My Beating Heart. 
It's so Breakfast at Tiffany's."

I would totally eat Cruellers and Coffee
wearing these...
and nothing else!

bought from Vintshopgal on ebay.