Saturday, July 16, 2011

PrisciLLa's EaRThLy DeLighTs

 The Chook LOVES Me!
I listen to Music every chance I get..

Basically, All Day.

How verra aggravating to have headphones that don't fit.
Falling out, dulling the Music.
{Priscilla says: Especially when Sam Cooke is singing.
That's just Blasphemous!}

Until now.

These ear buds are Ab Fav.
They come with 3 sets of rubbers~
small, medium, large.
This way you can find the fit that is most comfortable.
I went with the Small...
the beTTer to hear You with my Dear.

The cord isn't so long that it keeps catching on things,
or too short so you keep ripping them out of the ears.

Lagniappe: they're PINK!

Now I just have one more excuse to 
download even more Music.

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