Sunday, March 27, 2011

Seashell Trinket Treasure tray

I had these left over shell bowls
from the ball
not to mention,
but will,
all those damn
Mardi Gras beads!

What the hell am I supposed to do with them?
Then I decided, Hey, why not make a Trinkets Tray.
Decorative plastic Sea Shell
Plastic Beads, assorted;
Large White Beads for the "pearl", cut 1 from strand
Decorative Rocks, plastic or glass
Star beads/sequins/charms

First thing to do is fill the bottom.
Toss your Decorative Rocks in,
and mix up your Resin.

Once the Resin is ready,
pour over the rocks to just cover them.
I had a few bumps where the resin didn't 
quite cover and it was fine.
Not enough ~ just mix a bit more
Too much ~ make up a few pendants
I also poured a bit of resin the seam 
of the two Shells to secure it.
Sprinkle just a wee bit of GLiTTer in.

Depending on what type resin you use,
around 10 to 15 minutes,
check the set.
Remember the Prell commercial where they put the pearl in it?
you want that kind of thick.
Set your Stars and your Pearl in the resin.
Sprinkle a wee bit more GLiTTer on the resin.

Once the Resin has completely cured/dried,
start gluing your Decorative Beads for trim.
I used one strand of Pink for the upper Shell
and cut three strands of Gold for the seam.

ah, Cher', you've got a treasure!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Priscilla's Earthly Delights

Back in the late 80s and early 90s 
I was BIG on blazers, jackets, coats...
My mom even made me a hot pink 
Rod Stewart type blazer in high school; 
it was so cool.

From smart ass buttons on my ski jacket 
to replicas of antique safty/brooch pins,
I love to decorate my coats as much as my house!

This double pin set really caught my attention. 
I eyed it,
looked at it, 
favorited it for a long time.
And then I bought it.

It's to different. 
and I really like the fact that it's two pieces, 
then I can kind of, switch em around
or wear them separately,  
My purple Mystery coat would be the perfect back drop.
or maybe my BB Dakota swing coat...
I can always wear
my fancy combat boots to soften it a bit.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday's FiFthe of moOd...

 Dude, I'm just here to Rock!

 Strength ~ The Alarm
{crank. it. UP!}


Birth, School, Work, Death ~ The Godfathers 

 Wikka Wrap ~ The Evasions

She Comes Alive ~ Baby Monster 

Blood and Roses ~ The Smithereens 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March FuLL mOOn ~ Creaux Moon

The more northern tribes knew this Moon as the Full Crow Moon, 
when the cawing of crows signaled the end of winter; 


 Crow Moon

Crow painting

Friday, March 18, 2011

Passage to India restaurant

 As per our usual road tripp quirks, 
we found an Indian restaurant across the street from our condo.
I ordered my usual Lamb Curry and Gulab juman.
Bit different on the flavor front of my favorite Indian restaurant here at home, 
reasonably priced,
and decent servings. 

The gulab juman was heavier on the syrup,
just add a cup of coffee 
and you have the perfect amount of sweetness
for dessert.

Yes, yes, I recommend Passage to India.
Be sure to google them,
they have a few different locations
and online menu.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Two SiSters Mary Thoughts for the Day ~ March

 "Dream as if you'll Live forever,
Live as if you'll die today."
~ James Dean

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Priscilla's Earthly Delights

 This was my cheesy tourist souvenir from Disney World.
a Vinylmation Bag.
I had been on the hunt for a decent bag for my bike,
and this seems to be the one.
Its vinyl which is great for outdoors,
It's simple ~ large inside pouch, small front pouch, medium back pouch.
Nice long strap.

Besides, I am totally into the graphics.

 This vinylmotion key chain was lagniappe!
Micky in Green.

 ahhhh....a perfect fit.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March ~ Pisces the Fish

"I must be a mermaid, Rango.
I have no fear of depths, 
and a great fear of shallow living."
~ Anais Nin


 Pisces ~ Erick Turnbull

Ahhh, the Pisces.
The Mermaid who wants to be a Human.
The dilemma.

No dilemma here with these treasures~
Whether Mermaid, or Princess
you can't go wrong with these Beauties.

This whymsical print
would be lovely
hanging above
my claw foot tub; 
all dreamy and such.

What Mermaid Princess 
wouldn't look gorgeous 
in this Sea Blue Gown.

Accessorize with this Enchanting bracelet and Moonstone ring,
well, Poseidon himself may ask for a dance.
The bracelet is one of the most imaginative I've seen
in a long time!
I have a lovely affection for mOOnstone, even being the
stone in my engagement ring.

Here! Here!
The sparkalicious Mary Janes speak for themselves.
Like millions of Stars, sparkling off the sea water.
Venus herself has a pair.

oh my~ a Mermaid of a different Adventure.
My kind of Chic!
There to remind me, it's alllll in the Attitude.

Whether it holds your Treasures,
or your favorite cake and cuppa,
this plate really is beautiful.

 For my cat, Mischief.
If she had pierced ears.
Or, for a Human, with jeans and a t~shirt....

Fish print ~ Krize

Pisces Mermaid plate ~ Reannag Teine

Blue Dress ~ Lucky Penny Wares

Pisces bracelet ~ Contrary

Mermaid with Otter ~ Kathryn LeMieux

mOOnstone Ring ~ Passionate Jewelry

Fishbone Earrings ~ Grigiodesign

Monday, March 7, 2011

MGM / Hollywood Studios

 MGM now known as Disney's Hollywood Studios
{Universal is still a separate entity}
is small and mostly shopping and restaurants.
We went for the Indiana Jones show
The Muppets 3 D Theater
The Star Wars ride.
No Star Wars ride.
They are changing it up or something.

 ABC Commissary ~ recommend for Lunch/Dinner
The Fish plate was really good.

 Indiana and Marion doing their thing.
The Womb Weebles really had a "blast" at this show.

This is the only reason I came to this park.
The freakin Muppets!
{no flash photography please}

 Funnel Cake ~ a piece of Heaven right there in your lap...
on your lap,
your clothes,
your face
your hair...
I knew the minute we entered the park,
that this was how I was going to end my day.
and I did.

disney World Magic Kingdom

Great fantastical Tripp.

We started to the left,
and didn't finish til we were right.
We  felt the best time was in late afternoon
and close the park down at Midnight.
The crowds are most definitely heaviest from 11:30 to about 3 or 4pm.
Add the battle between the Strollers and Electric scooters,
and it can get pretty hectic.

Fast Pass really is worth it. 
It allows you to "reserve" a space in line 
by giving you a choice between two times to come back.
And you get in the really really short line.
While waiting, you can go do other things.
You can only do one fast pass at a time.

If you do get there for breakfast,
I recommend the Main Street Bakery.

Pecos' Bill's restaurant recommended  for lunch or dinner~
great food, decent prices
 I wouldn't recommend going on the 
Big Thunder Mountain runaway train ride after
 Before...allll you want to.

Hidden residents of Magic Kingdom

 Who wouldn't want to live in the Robinson tree house??

She wore her Pirate shirt for the Pirate ride.
He was just along for the ride...

 Many many parades.....many.

Are we there yet??

Park Supplies Backpack

 These small backpacks are PERFECT for Park Tripps.

Mary PoPPins had it going on!
{technically a carpet bag, but, hey, let's be progressive here
If she were here today she'd be a hippie! with a backpack}

The Front pocket: great for your  Phone, Tickets.

Middle Pocket: great for the Wallet, Tickets~ easy access, safely put away: also your Maps and Pens

Large Pocket: 3 light Jackets/Long sleeved t~shirt,  rolled TIGHTLY;
Small bottle of water
{although they have many many water fountains in the parks; we kept our water bottle in the car},

Side Net Pockets ~ Camera, Batteries, Eyedrops, Chapstick

Park Basics:
Band Aids
Eye drops
Hats/Light Jackets
Various Hair Clips/Bands

Use a clip hook to attach your camera's cord to a loop on the backpack. 
Easily accessible but safe for the rides and butterfingers

 I LoVe! Backpacks.
They led such amazing lives....