Sunday, March 6, 2011

T~Rex Restaurant....RAWR!


 T~Rex was our big Road Tripp Family Dinner.
and hot damn, Dinosaurs are da bomb!!!

It's Fascinating.

There's the Ice rOOM
where we had dinner
{the others are Fire, Water, Earth}

 If you can, get the Ice roOm;
It changes colors, 
with a Meteorite shower every 20 minutes,
it has this cool ass T~Rex.

We splurged on this flickering drink cups
{which were making me quite dizzy!}
for the kiddos.

Typical kids menu

The Chook Man and I, splurged on the FoOd!
I had the Tar Pit Fried Shrimp {and I didn't taste any tar OR BP Oil!}
and The Chook had the Bone Yard Buffet.
Both meals were very delicious and worth the price.

The rest of the Restaurant
These Jelly Fish were just exquisite....
I need a couple of them in my bathroom.

We all have a Dinosaur deep within us just trying to get out.
~ Colin Mochrie


This is by far, the best restaurant The Family has been to.
They really outdid themselves with this
and it paid off.

Cheesy Tourist Souvenirs!
We went with the Dino Figurines,
a bag full of Dino Figurines.

Eight dinos for about 13.00$!

This plastic popcorn bucket gets up~cycled to a Dino Keeper

yep, this place is the moshest Pit on Earth!

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