Sunday, August 26, 2012


I am in LoVe with these GLiTTeRs!
These GLiTTeRs are Irish Crack,
so much FuN are They.
It's the TeXTuRes that are really Rockin.

and a briLLiant assortment of CoLoRs.
The Tinsel GLiTTeR is my second faVe.
It's got Priscilla written alll over it
{Priscilla says: Got Body Glue?}

These next two are regular extra fine GLiTTeR,
but I bought them for the CoLoR.
The Raspberry is a bit darker 
than in the picture,
and I have some special PaPer 
waiting just for this one.

The Frost 
is one I've been having a LOT of Fun with.
The GLiTTeR lightens up 
quite a bit once it's been glued.
It's a Yulemas pale shiMMer, 
that you can darken by adding
more layers.

THIS is the one that gets my 
punk rock, rock and roll Art Heart goin.
The Microbeads!

These are a bit tricky.
I haven't quite found the best
way to use them.
When you pour the beads on, 
it lumps and can get very uneven.
I did get better results 
by using the sprinkle side,
but when I added 
the second/third coat,
it glumped up. 
No worries, 
it's one product I don't mind
having to keep trying out over and over!

These are a more than welcome
addition to my Supply Cabinet.
So far, I've gotten really nice results,
just as nice as Martha F'n Stewart's
{cause Martha is da bOmb!}.
and those square jars are so grOoVy. 
The jars are large, with double openings,
one for pouring,
one for sprinkles.
Replacing GLiTTeR back in jars 
is so much easier also.

I can't wait to add more selections
to my collection.
Especially the textured GLiTTeRs.

Check your store for on~line coupons.
{I bought these from Michaels.}
I thought the Hob Lob carried them,
but I can no longer find them. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

SwEEt PoTaTo Fries

 We LoVe these!

we just had them 
for the first 
time recently.

Store bought, of course.

Decided to make our own.
and conveniently,
I had some Sweet Potatoes
that were in dire need of use.

I rinsed and peeled them,
and because we prefer wedges
tried using the AppLe Slicer..
ehhhh, eh~eh.
No go, Figaro.
It's a lot easier to just 
slice them with a verra sharp knife.

Drizzle Oil of Olive,
enough for a light coating,
toss around for a bit,
then add some tasty spices.

I had 3 large sweet potatoes,
I used 
1tsp Salt
1tsp PePPer
1tsp Garlic Powder
1tsp PaPriKa

Sprinkle over fries,
toss around some more
until evenly coated.

The seasoning ended up being
just right for us.
As with any recipe,
try and then adjust.

I baked them at *450
on a cookie sheet 
for 30 minutes.
you can adjust to your
preference of doneness
but this worked out really well.

mmm mmm, ya'll...
these were Delish!

They didn't take long at all;
The Womb Fruits loved them,
and they are a healthy alternative
to fried fries.



Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shark Bite cake balls....

How freakin' COOL is this?

One of our LoCaL java joints, Brew Ha Ha,
made these up for Shark wEEk...
and we got some!
Even shanghied some from Trish's "special order"
chompa chomp chomp, little minners, chompa!

got milk??

Monday, August 13, 2012

it's SHARK WeeK, berches...ChomPA ChomP Chomp!

 Get Your JAWS on!

you're gonna need a bigger boat ~ sheriff brody

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekend UpDate NewsFlash


We have a new computer.
No more struggling with a lap top
and limited hours
and loads of bitching cause it's taking too long!

let's get this party started.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tools I'd Like to have....

the original pink box tool chest rolling

Ohhh My!

Santa, baby....

The Original Pink Box

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

CRaFts from Around the CoRner

how CooL is this?

I want one!
My Inner Child says: Squee!