Friday, August 24, 2012

SwEEt PoTaTo Fries

 We LoVe these!

we just had them 
for the first 
time recently.

Store bought, of course.

Decided to make our own.
and conveniently,
I had some Sweet Potatoes
that were in dire need of use.

I rinsed and peeled them,
and because we prefer wedges
tried using the AppLe Slicer..
ehhhh, eh~eh.
No go, Figaro.
It's a lot easier to just 
slice them with a verra sharp knife.

Drizzle Oil of Olive,
enough for a light coating,
toss around for a bit,
then add some tasty spices.

I had 3 large sweet potatoes,
I used 
1tsp Salt
1tsp PePPer
1tsp Garlic Powder
1tsp PaPriKa

Sprinkle over fries,
toss around some more
until evenly coated.

The seasoning ended up being
just right for us.
As with any recipe,
try and then adjust.

I baked them at *450
on a cookie sheet 
for 30 minutes.
you can adjust to your
preference of doneness
but this worked out really well.

mmm mmm, ya'll...
these were Delish!

They didn't take long at all;
The Womb Fruits loved them,
and they are a healthy alternative
to fried fries.




  1. This recipe sounds delicious! Won't you come to Macon and fix me some? Before my latest relapse, I was actually cooking for myself - a good sign, I think. One of my comfort foods in risotto with Shiitake mushrooms and tiny cubes of white chicken.


    1. Cj ~ been worried about you! Think of you constantly and hope for you to get better. I would love to come fix some for you!

  2. I would like to eat these....

    1. Kris ~ omg. They were just enough sweet, not like holiday food. Every time I walked through the kitchen I would eat one...or two.