Friday, December 18, 2015

That time of the year again!
Party Time!

Every year I try to think of new and different gifts
for Teachers, and Student's goody bags.
In addition to those, I'm the one who usually does the party crafts, 
which means a LOT of time
for creative thinking and gathering of the supplies.

As much as I love to BaKe,
I know the Teachers get overwhelmed with BaKeD goOdies, 
so I try to come up with something different.

What I started doing last year,
 was get them gift cards from one of 
our local coffee shops.
I put a $5 limit on it,
 enough for a medium to large drink,
or a small drink and a pastry.

Using my Silhouette, I cut out these pretties:

They are supposed to bend at both ends and pop open to make a small pillow,
but I don't know if it was the humidity
or the paper wasn't thick enough 
{even though I did use heavy cardstock}
they just wouldn't pop open,
so I ended up just folding them over like this:

This year's gOody Bags:

Many parents put candies or edible treats in the goOdy Bags,
which is why I go the Art route!
These kinds of crafts you can get
at Michael's and Hobby Lobby
in bulk bags 
and usually marked down.
And Don't Forget Your Coupon!
for those things that aren't.

Mini~BuBBLes and a homemade ornament
complete the ensemble.

Happiness in a plain brown paper bag!