Sunday, August 29, 2010


 Five years ago today, Katrina hit.....and that bitch hit hard.

Am I still crying? Damn straight I am.

Do We go to New Orleans every chance We get?
Hell Yeah.

If you weren't here or in Mississippi,
there's just no way to convey the frantic, desperate,
UNBELIEVABLE! devastation.

I was over 6 months pregnant with The Little Daughter.
The Chook Man had just  made Sergeant
and was working dog shift.
The hurricane hit.
With our little tv, hooked up to the car battery, 
We watched the progress,
the HUGE headlines that New Orleans dodged a bullet and then.....
the levees broke.

The phucking LEVEES BROKE!!
Oh My God....all those people,
just gone
washed away.

When the Levee Breaks ~ Led Zepplin

Tubthumping ~Chumbawamba

Katrina was the worst Hurricane that I've ever been through.
My Parents had been through Camille and Betsy.

Many many peeps came to Baton Rouge for safety.

Many more were just loaded on busses and sent to somewhere,
far far away from the only home they'd ever known.
It was complete and utter Chaos.

 We were Lucky, we only went with out electricity,
for less than a week,
and our biggest loss was our food.
And that wasn't even that bad, 
The Brother still had lights
so we stayed there for a few days.
We were VERY Lucky.

While much of New Orleans was under water,
Baton Rouge was mostly without electricity.
You could only pay with cash,
the gas lines were atrocious,
and you were limited in how much you could buy. 

Then, the news reports started coming in.

Our beautiful, wonderful, quirky New Orleans was completely obliterated.
The reports of looting and raping and just the worst of the worst.
Looting by the very people who were supposed to protect them.
Diabetics who needed insulin.
Methadone patients hitting rock bottom.
Frightened Children.
Elderly victims dead and dying,
just left, LEFT! on a street corner, or laying under trash, dead.
The beautiful scenic coastline of Biloxi, with its old stately homes,
where we spent our senior trip 
Excursions to the Beach and Ship Island...
I didn't even recognize where I was
when we first went back a few years ago.
And when I did realize, it broke my Heart.

Baton Rouge became this bizarre monopoly game
with people running around
offering 2, 3, a gazillion times the amount for houses,  
to anyone, even those out raking their yards.  
Our property values have never been the same.
Here and most especially in New Orleans.
There is no where for the EveryDay Joe and Jane to live anymore.

The Chook Man worked 16 days straight, 12 hours at a time,
all Law Enforcement was on duty to handle a city
that had hardly any electricity,
NO ice,
and a population that more than doubled over night.
My moms neighborhood, the one I grew up in, was hit by a tornado. 
Oak trees that have covered that street
for more than my 43 years were ripped up. 
Several houses were destroyed,  about 6; one is still rebuilding.

Many of the lots are just empty.

In Biloxi, old friends of my mothers, in their 80s, 
 told their tale of how they had to sit, both of them,
crouched on the counter in the bathroom,
as the water came up, all the way up to the edge of the counter. 
And then had a "friend" welcome them to her home, 
charging them $1200 for their "stay".

Five years later, New Orleans is still rebuilding.
It took over a year after Katrina
before we were able to make a road trip to New Orleans. 

And damn, it felt good. real good. 
Def Leppard in the arena, 
the hot dog vendors out on the corners, 
 people with this feeling of ...being Alive.

Naturally, insurance was a complete rip off.  
They tried to get out of it in both states
by saying it was "flood surge" or "wind surge" 
or some assinine bullshit like that, that they didn't "cover".

They finally figured out that the levees broke
because the Corp of Engineers phucked up.
BUT! they can't be sued because of some
law or rule from 1928! that keeps them safe.

Maybe they should explain that to the family, 
who in the middle of the night, as water came rushing in their house, 
 father and son were washed out the door, 
while Mom was pinned by a dresser to a wall and drowned.  

When are people going to realize that Louisiana 
is not some ass backward state 
with the entire population sitting on a pier on the bayou. 
These same people would give you the shirt off their back, 
after they rescue you in their boat and feed you jambalaya.
I grew up spending my summers on the bayous. 
These are good people. 
Not dumb, not flibbering idiots....good hard working people. 

They, this State, deserves some good.

There were many many Louisianians who felt
that because it was New Orleans, 
below sea level and "just a party town"
that we got the shaft.
New Orleans is a great city,
a city full of culture and history and characters.
We are not just about Mardi Gras
where people come from all over
to get filthy drunk and piss all over our streets and homes.

but I tell ya, that is one thing I do love about my fellow Louisianians...
You bring the sausage,
I'll bring the rice,
and she'll bring the drink mix,
its' allll good. even now.  

Even thought many of the homes in New Orleans just won't get rebuilt.
The people still can't get the help they need.
Those with the  money go in and
buy up the poor lots and make them rich lots.
They're called Developers.
You know the scenario.
Plus many of the hit areas have been deemed unable to redevelop.
Biloxi has also been "developed"
with huge monstrosities called apartments
and a Hard Rock cafe on the beach.

On a brighter note,
the Saenger  Theater is getting totally refurbished, redone, rebirthed.
It is scheduled to reopen next year and am I excited.
The Chook Man and I saw the Phantom of the Opera there,
and fell in love with the old theater.

Thank You Brad Pitt for your work.
Thank You to all of You who have been here, and will come here.
We still have lots to offer

We have a budding and developing Hollywood going on over here in Louisiana.

We have great food and drinks.

We have great music and art.

You know what? Phuck it.
New Orleans is the greatest city ever,
Home of the Saints
who believe it or not,
did more for this city's Heart than anything else.

and  I say get your groove on and get your ass down here. 
New Orleans is alive, and welcoming yOu! 
with 25 cent Oyster night, and all the beer you can drink!

and phuck BP too!

Life since Katrina

Yahoo news Then and Now

Saenger Theatre ~ New Orleans,_Louisiana%29

Hurricane Katrina ~ wikipedia

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Priscilla's Earthly Delights

Today's treats are simple, yet still delightful.

A nail polish with vintage all over it
A nice navy blue eyeshadow,
both courtesy of Sally's Beauty supply.

FaLL colors are in abundance at this time
in the World of Beauty and Fashion.

These should go nicely with several pieces
I have picked out for the Autumn/Wynter  Wardrobe.

Bogie ~ by China Glaze
The nail polish is this gorgeous Earth tone Smokey Plum....
it really shines the deep purple when the light hits it.
I think it will work really well to add some
coLor to some of the more neutral toned clothing I have.
Seems to wear pretty well, also.
It remind me of the 1940s,
not because it's named Bogie...
it make me think of 
a Woman's nice suit, or a LoVeLy evening gown.

Navy ~ by Sally's
I'm not usually a fan of the dark Blue Eyeshadow,
this one seemed different.
For a $1, it didn't hurt to try it out.
It has GLiTTeR in it,
I'd say, moderate...
{Priscilla approves for Cocktails!}
but it's the underlying soft violet, Periwinkle~ish,
that really comes out,
creating this Dusky evening feeling.
and the GLiTTeR enhances that.

I would definitely wear a Black EyEliner 
with this for Night.
I would definitely play around with this
and a BabyBlue Eyeliner for day...

There's a whole lot of Smokey and Sultry 
mixed up in the blues and purples.
...which makes for some smokey sultry nights!

Friday, August 27, 2010

If God is Willing and the Creek Don't Rise....

  Must see.
Spike Lee's new documentary on the 5 year anniversary of Katrina, 
the slow recovery, 
THE SAINTS win the Superbowl! 
and then those bastards BP.

I Love my Louisiana.
It will always be home.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

FuLL mOOn ~ August ~ Sturgeon or Red mOOn

he thought she looked sexy and sultry in that dress...

Or maybe it's just the Heat.
Here We are, the last FuLL moOn of Summer.
The Sturgeon mOon.

Named by the Fishing Tribes, since Sturgeon,
were most abundant and readily caught 
during this time.

Some knew it as the FuLL Red moOn.
Because as the moOn rises, 
it appears Reddish through
the sultry haze.

August's FuLL moOn is sometimes also called
The Green Corn moOn or Grain moOn.
Late August/September is the time of the last harvests,
and when the Green Corn is ready.

The Energies around this moOn are ones of Abundance, Agriculture, and Marriage.
We are encouraged to begin Harvesting and CoLLeCting the Herbs that We will use 
over the next year.
Magic and Spiritual work can be done for the Self; to reap the benefits of hard 
work done.

Burn an Orange candle, 
Drizzled with a bit of Honey,
Light some Cinnamon incense...
and allow Your Self to accept 
the great rewards of hard work.

Make some PoPcorn, 
head out to the Lake, 
light some {citronella} candles, 
and harvest that LoVe from Your Honey!!!


cause Autumn is almost here!
which we all know, leads to such Merriment!

Sturgeon Moon Bead Bag

Farmer's Alamanac

Moving with the Full Sturgeon read ~ Creative Everyday


Sturgeon Mary ~  Margaret Haydon

Gray Ponies of the Red Moon ~ Louis Mason


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two SiSters Mary Thoughts for the Day ~ August

 "I bet deep down you still wish your MoM would
take You clothes shopping every August 
for the new school year"
~ Bridget Willard

"Summer set lip to Earth's bosom bare,
 And left the flushed print in a PoPPy there"
 ~ Francis Thompson 


 hot August night;
scent of crushed Lantana leaves
thickens the air
~ Trilby

Stuck in the August Rain ~ Jethro Tull

August Day Song ~ Bebel Gilberto

August moOn ~ Gregory and the Hawk

 Fairest of the months!
Ripe Summer's Queen
The hey~day of the year
With robes that gleam with sunny sheen
Sweet August doth appear.
~ R Combe Miller

August creates as she slumbers, replete and satisfied.
- - - Joseph Wood Krutch  

Poppy painting ~ Pill Bug

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th

Lucky Day, gOOd times for all.....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nostalgic FiFthe of mOod

This time, every year, makes Me Nostalgic.
Back to school, 
Autumn on her way,
Yulemas to prepare for...

Good times they are a comin....

My Nostalgic FiFthe of mOod; brings me back to the end of summers 
and beginning of school days.

Phoebe Snow ~ Poetry Man

Aerosmith ~ Walk this Way

Minnie Ripperton ~ Loving You


Elton John ~ Island Girl

Meri Wilson ~ Telephone Man   

Pattie Labelle ~ Lady Marmalade

Rod Stewart ~ You're in My Heart

KC & The Sunshine Band ~ Get down tonight

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to School

Yes, it truly is Magical.
My house is now magically quiet AND clean!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Manila PaPer and Crayons

With School starting in just two days, 
I am reminded of my favorite art supplies. 
Manilla paper and crayons.
The quintessential necessities for some groovy art work.  
The smell, the feel, the blank canvas and 64 choices of color...h
ow could a kitten could wrong? 

Pippi Longstocking's infamous bout with manila paper, where she declared it wasn't big enough and proceeded to draw on the floor. She's right, I don't think they could make a piece of manila paper that was big enough.

thank god for scotch tape.  

Creating structured pieces from the teachers instructions on the blackboard, 
to masterpieces that i was sure everyone would just be cracker jack over....

or putting rainbow sections of color down as a base, 
and then a cover of black to scratch out a picture.

Holidays ~ Where paper was colored and cut, glitterized and glued.

Yep you just can't go wrong with Manila paper and crayons.

Great stocking stuffers too!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


 is it FaLL yet??? 
To help boost me through the last weeks of summer,
I will keep my self afloat with visions of PurPLe.

the CoLor of Zen.

I LoVe to plan my Holiday Outfits.
The whole kit, and kaboodle.
A dress,
plenty of Accessories,

These are on my list for FaLL FLavoR....

My hair is so long and curly
that anything more than basic will become quite a mess.
To keep that problem at bay, 
I like to wear simple, delicate earrings. 
I like that the findings are dark;
it sets the depth for the PurPLe.  

September evenings with my Honey .......

Speaking of Hair,  this is a hair clip that I easily want in my CoLLeCtion.
I earned the nickname Flower Child for a reason. This helps me continue that!  I would wear three of them for a stunning effect. With Smokey Plum EyEliner and Dark Pink Lipstick...
September evenings with my Honey......

For you Pet LoVers out there, this is CooL.
My Black Cat, Mischief, would look electric with this charm tag.
Purrrfect.......hahhaa, yep, I did.

I can think of nothing to say about these shoes except they are just LoVeLy. 

This bag just screams "School's In!!!". Makes me want to sign up for classes, right now.
Fill it with a binder, sketch pad, colored pencils, change, and a paperback novel.
All in good time....

Because We all need a bit of Fun in our lives!

I don't know how this color looks on your computer screen, but in the magazine it is Luscious.
Pair it with some fish~net type stockings,
Black bOOts,
Hottness is Here!

LoVe in the late afternoon, with the windows 
September evenings with my Honey....

Is it FaLL yet???

Purple Flower Earrings ~ Hot Pink Chick

Dark Purple Flower Hair Clip ~ Hydrangea Designs

Pet Tag ~ Metamorph Designs

Purple Mary Janes ~ Aquarian Vintage[0]=tags&%3Bincludes[1]=title

Purple Messenger Bag ~ Marbled

Purple Buddha ~ Oil Paintings Art

Purple Crackle Heart Necklace ~ Unexpected Treasure

Purple Cat Hat ~ PixieBell

Amethyst Dress  ~ Northstyle


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

For the ride back ~ Music to soothe

The drive back always seems longer....tired, maybe stressed or de~stressing, long hours, 
you know, The Highway Duds.

Nothing like some soothing music to keep you in a jolly good mood.
I choose:

fleetwood mac
Rumors, Bay~Bee!

The Chain

Gold Dust Woman

Go Your Own Way

for even great road tripps should have a great end.

The Guild Shop

 This has to be one of the Toppe 3
totally BEST! scores I've ever had
at a Flea Market/Vintage Store...

When We had originally started planning 
Our down time for The Man's conference,
it was going to be mainstream stuff.


Galleria/Neiman Marcus.


Then I realized that I wanted to do something different.
Instead of going to Ikea to buy bed side tables,
I wanted to check out the local haunts.

Google is my friend.
I found a list with the 10 great Vintage;

The Guild Shop was on the list,
and was a hit in what~not department
for Furnishings.
 I didn't find the tables I wanted 
but racked up in Fashion Department.

The first thing I found were these Fantastic boots by Reaction.
I've always had a LoVe of long BoOts, 
starting with the Red ones I had as a Child.
I'll wear them with anything ~ long skirt, short dress, pants.
In the basket they went.

The next two LoVeLy items were in the Clothing Department.
Practically next to each other.
In my size.
In luscious, Autumn colors.
Very Inexpensive.
I was giddy with Laughter at my continuing goOd Luck. 
This beautiful multi~colored wrap skirt
Valerie by Valerie Stephens 


The magenta spaghetti dress fit all my requirements:
length ,
it's by Converse.

 After wandering through all the House Furnishings,
Housewares, bits, and pieces
I picked up this crystal Star shaped candle holder.


for the icing on the lady fingers...this gorgeous Purple Rhinestone ring.

Thanks to the flexible band, there was no problem with the fit. 

The whole experience was Fantabulous!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ruggles ~ so nice, went thereTwice!

I have a LoVe~LoVe relationship with 
Coffee shoppes and Bakeries.
It all started in downtown Istanbul
with miniature eclairs in a white box....
I also met The Chook Man in a Coffee Shoppe.

We found Ruggles during a GooGLe search.
In the 4 days we were in Houston,
we went there 3 times.

The Pastry counter was loaded with pastries
in sizes big enough to share at least
between two people.
I had the creme brulee and 
The Hubs had the White Chocolate Bread Pudding.
Both were delicious but the bread pudding 
was better. 

Twice I was given a complimentary 
chocolate covered spoon
and a ginger snap cookie.
Those were great for breakfast.

  We decided to have dinner there one night.

I just had a regular turkey sandwich with the sides
and The Hubs had the burger and fries.
He also got a bowl of the Black Bean soup 
and I'd have to say
that was the best part of the whole meal.

I did like the Lime in the ice tea instead of Lemon. 
I've never had it like that!

 and of course, we would finish up with more coffee.....

nomnomnom....good eats.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Breakfast Klub

Before we even left for Houston,
We knew that We were going to be 
headed to 
The Breakfast Klub.

for the Catfish and Grits!!!

This has got to be one of Houston's best breakfast places. 
A whole lot of food for a whole little price.
The Chook Man ordered the Catfish and Grits, 
I ordered the Eggs/Bacon/Grits Breakfast plate.

Everybody was friendly,
Service was quick,
Many choices of coffee to choose,
The decor was very homey,

We sat in front of the big window,
and got stuffed.