Friday, November 2, 2012

Tools I'd Like to have....

 I LoVe to GLass Etch
and create PaPer Jewelry.

Both create a need for 

This machine seems to right up that alley.
Especially for the
 glass etch stencils.

The possibilities are endless.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Frosting ease with Frost Eaze

 Found this nifty little gadget
on the Cake aisle.

oh fun.

I wanted to use it to decorate 
the little cakes 
from the silicone molds. 
It worked just like I had hoped.
 Heat up frosting slightly,
pour into squeezy bottle,
cool a bit,

It's worth it for projects like this, 
but I can't see using it for
frosting whole cupcakes.
Not enough frosting.
You'd be refilling it every two cupcakes!

I wasn't over the mOOn
about my overall finished product,
due to lack of practice with
something like this,
but I gave my Self some
wiggle room by saying'
"they're only 1st graders; they won't notice"

Like the Silicone Molds, I will be using the Frost Eaze again.
It also comes with two extra tips for variety.

I wonder how it would work for filling cupcakes?
I've been wanting to master the Frosting Bag
and this is a fun way to get incentive!

CRaFts from Around the CoRner


I am totally crushing on these!


I could completely see a Live YuLemas Tree
with nothing but a handful of these LoVeLies
hanging from the branches.

Add a string or two of
PoPcorn and CranBeRRy Garlands.

Light Up LoVeBiRds