Thursday, November 1, 2012

Frosting ease with Frost Eaze

 Found this nifty little gadget
on the Cake aisle.

oh fun.

I wanted to use it to decorate 
the little cakes 
from the silicone molds. 
It worked just like I had hoped.
 Heat up frosting slightly,
pour into squeezy bottle,
cool a bit,

It's worth it for projects like this, 
but I can't see using it for
frosting whole cupcakes.
Not enough frosting.
You'd be refilling it every two cupcakes!

I wasn't over the mOOn
about my overall finished product,
due to lack of practice with
something like this,
but I gave my Self some
wiggle room by saying'
"they're only 1st graders; they won't notice"

Like the Silicone Molds, I will be using the Frost Eaze again.
It also comes with two extra tips for variety.

I wonder how it would work for filling cupcakes?
I've been wanting to master the Frosting Bag
and this is a fun way to get incentive!

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