Saturday, June 30, 2012

PrisciLLa's EarThLy DeLights

Tuscan BLooD OraNge by PaCiFicA

Oh My.
Verra YuMMLy.
 {Priscilla says: Orange you glad he bought it for you???}

It's a warm, clean Scent.
Not heavy, moderate.
Not a sharp Citrus either.
More sweet.

Great for Day use.

It's a RoLL~oN.
I've always LoVeD RoLL~oN scents...
{Priscilla says: RoLL~oN gOOd Times!}

a Gift from The Chook Man.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Feel like a MerMaid....

when You soak in a relaxing Bath with
the Big Blue Bath Bomb.

This is one of our FaVoRiTes from Lush.
The Scent is just grand,
all fresh and breath of Air.
It turns the Water a vivid Blue,
gorgeous as the ocean
where Mermaids swim,
and Pirates sail.

Go ahead,
after a hard day of Treasure hiding and hunting,
{for that is what Mermaids and Pirates do}
soak that bod in luxury.

mmmm, now where is me Pirate?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

SWaMp CreaTures, oh my....


looking a little Grungy?
Feeling a little Swamp~muddy with SuMMer here?

Here's a Fantastico scrub to get
that Swamp Creature under control.

Dark Angels from LuSh.

This StuFF is just Rockin!
It is messy, so I use it in the shower.
You take a bit in your palm
add a bit of water
mushy mix til it's consistent
and scrub away.
Between the Rhassoul Clay and the Charcoal,
oil doesn't have a chance!

I use it only on my Face,  but it is an all over body scrub.

My skin loves it.
It looks and feels clearer and fresher.
Night time is best for me
as it cleans all the grubbiness from the day.

The Scent doesn't ache my head either.

Go from Swamp Creature to LoVeLy Creature
in just a few moments of time.

Friday, June 22, 2012

BLasT oFF!

I LoVe these.
I made them from one of my favorite PaPers
{RoBoTs, RoCkeTs, and Alien SHips, oh my....}

The DuDette has already asked if she can have them.

These types of charms are verra easy to make.
All you need is {besides the LoVe!}

*White PaPer
*Printed PaPer
*Resin, any kind.

Cut the White and
Printed PaPer to size;
{I used a multi sized stencil}
Place white paper in first,
and then the Printed paper.
Pour Resin.
Let dry.
Add ChaiN.

3,2,1....Earth below us, drifting, floating.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

MoOn SpiRaL Art by Tammy Mae MoOn

Check out this Artist.
This Chick has some serious talent going on.

Her attention to the details is outstanding
{look at that lacey pattern! It's out of this World!}

 and I really really LoVe the interaction between the Animals and People.

I have my eye on one of Her paintings,
and am really hoping that it hasn't been sold!
I'll be checking in with Her when she gets back from Vacation.

In the mean time,
check out both Her sites.
You won't be disappointed.

Monday, June 18, 2012

E.T. is 30!

I can't even begin to count how many times
I've seen this movie!
I even had E.T. merchandise aka: doll.

I still have the vhs tape....wonky but works;
that is, if I still had a vhs player.

and if you didn't at least tear up a little bit over the "death" scene,
Son, you ain't got no Heart, no Soul....

Now, I get the joy of letting my kids watch the movie.

Happy Birthday E.T!
Come back home.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

PrisciLLa's EarThLy DeLights

Turkish Henna and Lemon Cologne

The Turkish Mother just returned from The MotherLand
{Priscilla says: in more ways than one}

This is all I asked for,
my two greatest treasures:

Lemon Cologne.

Henna ~ self explanatory!
{Priscilla says: Red, Baby...Red!}

I'll use it for my Hair and Skin.

The Lemon Cologne IS Turkey to Me.
One whiff and I am back there in a HearTBeaT.
It's basically a Lemon scented light cologne
that is used to freshen up

It's a bottLe fuLL of HaPpy.

Just a few bits and bobbles and goodies
to ease the wait of actually making it back to Turkey.

Thank You!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Two SiSters Mary Thoughts for the Day ~ June

“It is impossible to grasp
another human's inner world.
But even in the darkness
of the densest forest,
there can always be
the light of a FiReFLy."

~ Krupakar

Thursday, June 14, 2012

French Quarter Artists ~ faR ouT maN!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these guys!

After years of scoping out those wild and crazy peeps
at the Jackson Square artist strip,
for the first time eveah, I purchased these two pieces.

Fell in LoVe immediately with the Space painting.
It's right up my sci`fy alley...
I wish I could have taken pictures of the
others He had.


This next piece I really had a lot
of trouble picking out, only
because I couldn't decide
which piece I wanted.

There was a Green Heart piece
that was some tough competition!
Not to mention, but will, ReVeRanD Varg was freakin HigHLaRious!
Double CooL.
I will be going back!
I look forward to a few more purchases from these two,
and also a few others that I didn't get to buy from.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SuMMer's RoBoTs pink

I have been having SO much Fun
with the Shrink PLaStic.

The one I like the best is
the CrysTal CLear.
I'm really diggin the Ink JeT,
and am loOking forward to
trying the Frosted!

I used the Ink Jet for this RoBoT.

 It's White, like a stack of bonded paper.
You run it through your printer.
I just used my Sharpies.
{it will suck the ink dry from the markers}

I tried running the Crystal Clear
through the Luck.
The ink just wouldn't dry for me.

I did a quick RainBow backing so
it wouldn't be glaring!

I used the CrySTaL CLear for this one.

These are the cutest ever.
The biggest problem I'm having
is an appropriate jump ring opening
without compromising the head.
I've pretty much got it down.

If you use Stamps for these projects,
make sure it is a WaterPrOOf / PeRmAneNt ink!!!
I use and have been very haPPy with
Stayzon Ink.

I've only used the BLacK so far,
but am, dying {oh no she di~ent!}
to get my hands on the others;
especially that
BLacK CheRRy
Fuchsia Pink.

Both Hobby Lobby and Michael's carry the
Shrink PLastics
Stayzon Ink
{and don't forget to download the
coupons for both stores on your phone
to use at checkout!}

Make sure and check if any
of your LoCaL Craft stores carry it.

Monday, June 4, 2012

JUNe's FuLL moOn ~ Notions, Potions, & a bit of Magic


Eagle~ think outside the Box;
see how high you can soar.

The Eagle can see extraordinarily well,
and is very strong willed and graceful.
Eagle is a great observer, 
has great Intuition and Creativity.
They try to bring things together 
and better them through creative actions...
they help you fly among the Stars
and connect you with Spirit
while here on physical land.

Cleansing your Chakras is an excellent way
to open up to the keen observations of Eagle
and fine tune your Intuition.

Intuition helps clairfy your Vision{s}.

{just a note before you begin:
if you've never heard and Eagle call,
google it for reference}


*Sea Salt
* a warm Bath
*Dark Blue candle{s}
*White candle {s}
*Nature music

a bit of Magic:  

Take a basic cleansing salt bath,
visualizing all the inner and outer grit
being washed away.
Use your white candle{s}
and soothing or nature music.

Rinse off and dry.

Light the Blue Candles and
start your Nature Music.

Lie comfortably on your bed or couch,
with a pillow to prop your head and shoulders slightly.

Breathe slow and steady and deep;
relax with each breathe,
starting with your toes.
With each breathe out,
the relaxation climbs
throughout your body
til you reach the top of your Head.
Like filling a pitcher with Milk.

Continue your breathing,
and visualize a dark blue Night sky
opening up above you.

You are surrounded by the tall Trees of the woods,
breathe in their Scent and
relax even further.
You soon hear the call of the Eagle
and as it becomes louder,
you see Eagle fly above you.

Eagle comes and lands beside you.
He hands you one of his feathers
and as you take hold of it,
you both start to ascend to
the Night Sky.
There is no fear or anxiety.
Just remember, you are Safe.

As you fly higher among the Stars,
soon you notice that the they
are changing CoLoRs.

They begin to ShiMMer,
and Blink.
You can feel the Energy.
Eagle is right there with you,
guiding you, flying with you.

Remember to keep breathing,
steady and slow.

Slowly they change to the color, Red.
As you fly through the Red Stars,
let the color wash over you,
let the color Red fill you up,
and let it cleanse and reenergize
your RooT Chakra.

Slowly the Stars change to the color, Orange.
As you fly through the Orange Stars,
let the color wash over you,
let the color Orange fill you up,
let it cleanse and reenergize
your Splenic Chakra.

Next, the Stars slowly change to the color YeLLow.
As you fly through the YeLLow Stars,
let the color wash over you,
let the color YeLLow fill you up,
and let it cleanse and reenergize
your SoLaR PleXius Chakra.

Slowly they change to the color, GrEEn.
As you fly through the GrEEn Stars,
let the color wash over you,
let the color GrEEn fill you up,
and let it cleanse and reenergize
your HearT Chakra.

The Stars begin to change to the color BLue.
As you fly through the BLue Stars,
let the color wash over you,
let the color BLue fill you up,
and let it cleanse and reenergize
your ThroaT Chakra.

Slowly they change to the color PurPLe.
As you fly through the PurPLe Stars,
let the color wash over you,
let the color PurPLe fill you up,
and let it cleanse and reenergize
your THiRd EyE Chakra.

The Stars then change to the color InDigo.
As you fly through the InDigo Stars,
let the color wash over you,
let the color InDigo fill you up,
and let it cleanse and reenergize
your CroWn Chakra.

Feel the EnErgy
as all the Stars begin to
shimmer and blink
all the colors.

One last time the STars change,
back to White.
As Eagle guides you back through
the Stars, let the White pure energy
connect you with Eagles magic.

The Eagle has landed!
You are back on land,
fully cleansed,
and keen to get started.
Give thanks to Eagle.

Begin to pay attention to your breathing,
and as you breahte in and out,
bring your Self back to awareness.

Eagle shows us that PeePs with high ideals
need to be able to spread their wings
so they can reach those Stars, or Goals.

As long as we follow our Intuition
we will be heading in the right direction.
Let Eagle energy be your Guide,
your connector between
your Intuition and your Physical Self.

These meditations are not just for Full Moon.
They can be done anytime you need or feel like doing them.

Eagle Dancer ~ Oscar Howe

Native American Animal Zodiac

meditation property of The Holiday HoHo Queen. Please give credit if reposted.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

PrisciLLa's EarThLy DeLights

We finally did it.
We bought a new car.
Never had a BRAND new car before.

It talks to me.
{Priscilla says: ooohhh, that's faaancy!}

I call her Maxine.

All that's missing is some FLuBBeR!!!

The 2012 Ford Escape
{Priscilla says:  Eh~scahp~pey!}

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tools I'd Like to have....

Cause, anyone who LOVES to cOOk
as much as I do,
deserves it.

The hardest decision is:
What CoLoR???

Friday, June 1, 2012

CRaFts from Around the CoRner...

It's that time of the year again!
Let's get this party started....

with a whole bevy of Robots,
and a LuCKy 13 at that.