Sunday, June 17, 2012

PrisciLLa's EarThLy DeLights

Turkish Henna and Lemon Cologne

The Turkish Mother just returned from The MotherLand
{Priscilla says: in more ways than one}

This is all I asked for,
my two greatest treasures:

Lemon Cologne.

Henna ~ self explanatory!
{Priscilla says: Red, Baby...Red!}

I'll use it for my Hair and Skin.

The Lemon Cologne IS Turkey to Me.
One whiff and I am back there in a HearTBeaT.
It's basically a Lemon scented light cologne
that is used to freshen up

It's a bottLe fuLL of HaPpy.

Just a few bits and bobbles and goodies
to ease the wait of actually making it back to Turkey.

Thank You!!!

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