Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SuMMer's RoBoTs pink

I have been having SO much Fun
with the Shrink PLaStic.

The one I like the best is
the CrysTal CLear.
I'm really diggin the Ink JeT,
and am loOking forward to
trying the Frosted!

I used the Ink Jet for this RoBoT.

 It's White, like a stack of bonded paper.
You run it through your printer.
I just used my Sharpies.
{it will suck the ink dry from the markers}

I tried running the Crystal Clear
through the printer...no Luck.
The ink just wouldn't dry for me.

I did a quick RainBow backing so
it wouldn't be glaring!

I used the CrySTaL CLear for this one.

These are the cutest ever.
The biggest problem I'm having
is an appropriate jump ring opening
without compromising the head.
I've pretty much got it down.

If you use Stamps for these projects,
make sure it is a WaterPrOOf / PeRmAneNt ink!!!
I use and have been very haPPy with
Stayzon Ink.

I've only used the BLacK so far,
but am, dying {oh no she di~ent!}
to get my hands on the others;
especially that
BLacK CheRRy
Fuchsia Pink.

Both Hobby Lobby and Michael's carry the
Shrink PLastics
Stayzon Ink
{and don't forget to download the
coupons for both stores on your phone
to use at checkout!}

Make sure and check if any
of your LoCaL Craft stores carry it.

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