Sunday, January 29, 2012

Classic Oatmeal Cookies~

 easy like Sunday morning.....
or Afternoon!

The Blu Boy asked to make Oatmeal cOOkies a few weeks ago,
and today was a perfect day for it!
The Pink Girl was most interested, 
for she is heads~over for ANY 
kind of cOOkie dough....srsly.

We went the way of Classics, 
using the recipe that comes on the inside lid 
of the Quaker Oatmeal canister.

My WombWeebles have been
in the kitchen from conception,
I'm  usually in there...

Cooking is such a great opportunity to
teach and have fun with the Kiddos,
it should be mandatory, like,
by Universal Parental Units Association or something;

The Blu~man is hitting the fractions hard this year
and what better way to teach them, than coOking.

Plus, I get to teach the Wombers how irresistible Vanilla is!
It always makes them Laugh when I dab a bit on the pulse points.

Ready to go!

 Thank you Mr. Quaker.
There are some Happy Campers here,
and a MoM that's golden! {ding!}

Saturday, January 28, 2012

PriSciLLa's EarThLy DeLights

{ Priscilla says: As it should be!}

I LOVE movies.
It surprises even Moi, sometimes,
how many freakin movies I have seen~
a  freakin lot!

Movies are one of the ultimate Holiday units,
be a Self Day Holiday
or a Womb Fruit Holiday
or better yet, a Date Holiday
{cause everyday should be a holiday, or at least once a week}

This is just a sampling of KeLLy's Frontier's must~have movies;
at the very least, must~have seen movies.
Many of these I discovered back in the days of
IFC before they went all, like, ABC.
They had some kick ass movies then.

*The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert
*Grandmas' Boy
*Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrel
*Tank Girl
*Bubble Boy
*Saving Grace
*Price of Milk
*Gross Pointe Blank
*Four Rooms

*West World
*Jurassic Park
*Die Hard
*Muriel's Wedding
*Night on Earth
*Mystery Train
*Saturday Night Fever
*Young Frankenstein
*Four Rooms
*One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
*Lost Boys
*Invasion of the Body Snatchers {both versions}

Since I  just want to share my faves,
I won't go into a rant about the
demise of IFC {sigh}
and other disasters {remakes anyone?}

oh look, the movie's starting..

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Juniper Ridge Wildcrafted Incense in JuNiPer

I am a Big! fan of Juniper,
having worked with the Berries in making my own Incense,
and in a few other crafties. They really are beautiful on Herbal Candles. 

Although Nag Champa is our House incense, 
I do like to change it up, for change is good.

I purchased this pack of Juniper Ridge incense on a whim. 
At $12 a pack for 40 sticks, it is pricey. 
I haven't finished reading all there is on their anchor,
but so far, I'm loving what I see.
The whole handcrafting at it's supreme. 
That would be my dream internship! 
This is truly a tree hugging that even non tree hugging hippies can get into. 
It really brings the MeLLow.

It's not over~powering at all, but it's there. 
Usually when I first light it, I can just catch a scent of the Juniper, 
and then, it settles. 

Because of the price, I won't burn it like a regular incense.
They seem to burn approx. 30ish minutes, which is a nice burn.
Instead I'll save it for a special, like Meditation, or work in my Studio.

I'm interested in trying their essential oil/soaps next: 
San Jacinto for The Chook Man 
the Red Rock Canyon for My Self.  

Our anniversary is coming up and these would be cool treats.  
all that's left is running through the woods, Naked...

But, if you can't, do the next best thing. 
Light a stick of Juniper, and sit Naked on the couch.
It'll put you there.

Juniper Ridge Wildcrafted Incense

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Two SiSter's Thoughts for the Day

Bear was the second Spirit that introduced its Self to Me.
Scared the crap out of Me, seeing as I was only 4 or 5.

Over the years,
through Meditation
and Spiritual Journies of varying degress
I have come to LoVe Bear and Her aspects.

I dance with BeaR.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

China Glaze in Moonlight

White polish is perfect for January; at least, I think so.
I know many or most would say Summer, but I think,
it's clean and refreshing after so much RaZZLe DaZZLe in the Holidays.

China Glaze in MoOnLight is a really nice, simple polish.

One coat, is like a simple french manicure:
it whitens the white and brightens up flesh tone.

Two coats really makes it stand out, without being over bearing.

Three coats ~ I like that mostly on the Toes. 

From what I understand, it is a jelly polish, 
so that's what makes it work so well in coating and color
{making it a sheer color}.

The ONE nail I'm showing you has two coats of polish {my favorite}.
The other nails smashed into The Chook Man's sweater;
not a pretty sight.

 This is a great polish when you need a nail pick me up,
a nice clean and crisp color, 
especially if you're not in the moOd for flashy or heavy.

MoOnLight done right! 

photo from Nailed It 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

PrisciLLa's EarThLy DeLights

 I LOVE these purple shoes!
{Priscilla says: without the purple people! or those that eat them}

and dude, they are really comfortable.



Saturday, January 7, 2012

January FuLL moOn ~ Notions, Potions, & a bit of Magic with Bear

January sees PeoPLe setting
restriction and guilt inspired resolutions
that bind Us through the year.
This is the perfect time to ease
those prisonal vibes,
get out the CaVe,
set realistic goals
and have some Fun
along with the Responsibility.

Bear teaches us to respect
our natural hibernation cycles.
Just as Bear rests during Wynter
 and reawakens during Spring,
we need spaces of Rest and Rejuvenation.
Now is the time to Rejuvenate.

Bear calls us to awaken the potential
within ourselves and
the power of our unconscious mind.
Bear reminds us there is a time
for playfulness and a time to be assertive.

Full moOn baths are the simplest, loveliest, 
and round~all way to work a bit of Magic.
White is your round~all CoLoR 
and is best for cleansing and realignment.

Full moon to new moon ~ waning ~ getting smaller}
 You want to make the binds and obstacles 
disappear, to shrink and fall away, allowing
the Energy to flow freely.

Sea Salt
White Candle{s}
draw a Bath
Soft Tunes: New Agey, Nature, Harvest, etc.
plus a good imagination,
your going to visit Bear.

a bit of Magic:
On this FuLL mOon night, 
prepare a cleansing Salt bath.
Fill your bath with warm water, 
and sprinkle 1/2 cup Sea Salt,
swish to dissolve.
Light the Candle{s}.
Start music.

As you relax, slow your breathing
to nice steady pace.
You want to go through
the MediTaTion
with the similar pace of
reading a book to a child.

Visualize your Self in a CaVe.
Next to you is Sleeping Bear
It's dark, and quiet,
no fear,
just the steady breathing of YoU and BeAr.

One by one,
Candles light throughout the CaVe.
The soft scent of Honey is in the air
as the Candles burn.
Slowly, Bear rouses and awakens.

There is no fear.

as Bear awakens,
feel the rejuvenating
EnErgy as you bond.

Hear the Music.

Bear gets up and begins to Dance.
You dance with him/her.

Feel the joy and let this energy
banish the Wyntery Doldrums
and tiredness,
let it kick start your
Mind and Heart and Soul.

Wind down the dancing,
and sit with Bear a moment.
Now is the to let that energy
shine through
and iLLuMiNaTe your way.

Set your goal or goals
and know that with BeArs help
you can attain your goal
with hard work and responsibility,
like a BeAr who works at getting Honey.
By knowing when to move forward and when to rest.
They are both essential in desires coming to fruition.

Dancing Bears by William Beard

meditation property of The Holiday HoHo Queen.
Please give credit if reposted.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Maw Maw

Happy Birthday Maw Maw.

You are missed.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Calendar days...

Every year,  I wait until after Christmas to snag my Calendars. 
You are basically getting anywhere from 2 to 3 for the price of one!

I picked these two.

I pick ones that make me Happy.
Cause, I need to be Happy when I'm paying bills...

I also like to purchase a new set of pens or markers 
or writing instruments with some value of whymsical to them, like,
a nice assortment of CoLoRs.

 I'm using a Bic Cristal pens cause I'm totally grooving on the Pink one!

Unfortunately neither has the mOOn phases.
I'm thinking I will use the stickers from Ugly Dolls to mark those days.
Although, I should probably just go buy one with.

I make a Ritual out of transferring all the Vital Info
from one calendar to another.
We are talking candles, incense, and playlist....hells yeah.
What better way to infuse that gOOd EnErgy into your New Year???
Peace, LoVe, and GrOOviNess.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

in with the New....Artwork.

I've had this canvas forEvER!
I just could not figure out what to do with it.
I had tried twice to start, to no avail.
Then I just decided to do something
and happy.

This has all 3.
It was also a great chance
to just practice.
When I'm stuck,
I like to do these kind of pieces
to help move on through.
It does seem to have worked,
for a feel a renewed
energy towards my art.

So here's to the New......Artwork.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tools I'd Like to have....

I need a Table Saw.
I have woOden projects that require it.
I wish I had a studio/workshop big enough to accommodate
a full size mac DaDDy table saw,
for, like, whole sheets of plywood~table saw.

oH, Table Saw Fairy, please send me one!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, hookers!

Hope this finds you having Fun!

Over the next week
I'll get all those lovely Yulemas posts done
that I didn't have time to do previously.
So as you recoup,
you can catch up also!

Have Fun
Be Safe
See ya on the Flip Side!

CRaFts from Around the CoRner...

 I'm thinking, this would be perfect
 to carry around in my bag to
keep track of notes and memos.
Also a fun, crafty way to do Art
and Recycle all those empty cases.

Here's your 'round the corner Craft 
from Cut Out and Keep