Sunday, January 15, 2012

China Glaze in Moonlight

White polish is perfect for January; at least, I think so.
I know many or most would say Summer, but I think,
it's clean and refreshing after so much RaZZLe DaZZLe in the Holidays.

China Glaze in MoOnLight is a really nice, simple polish.

One coat, is like a simple french manicure:
it whitens the white and brightens up flesh tone.

Two coats really makes it stand out, without being over bearing.

Three coats ~ I like that mostly on the Toes. 

From what I understand, it is a jelly polish, 
so that's what makes it work so well in coating and color
{making it a sheer color}.

The ONE nail I'm showing you has two coats of polish {my favorite}.
The other nails smashed into The Chook Man's sweater;
not a pretty sight.

 This is a great polish when you need a nail pick me up,
a nice clean and crisp color, 
especially if you're not in the moOd for flashy or heavy.

MoOnLight done right! 

photo from Nailed It 

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