Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Juniper Ridge Wildcrafted Incense in JuNiPer

I am a Big! fan of Juniper,
having worked with the Berries in making my own Incense,
and in a few other crafties. They really are beautiful on Herbal Candles. 

Although Nag Champa is our House incense, 
I do like to change it up, for change is good.

I purchased this pack of Juniper Ridge incense on a whim. 
At $12 a pack for 40 sticks, it is pricey. 
I haven't finished reading all there is on their anchor,
but so far, I'm loving what I see.
The whole handcrafting at it's supreme. 
That would be my dream internship! 
This is truly a tree hugging that even non tree hugging hippies can get into. 
It really brings the MeLLow.

It's not over~powering at all, but it's there. 
Usually when I first light it, I can just catch a scent of the Juniper, 
and then, it settles. 

Because of the price, I won't burn it like a regular incense.
They seem to burn approx. 30ish minutes, which is a nice burn.
Instead I'll save it for a special, like Meditation, or work in my Studio.

I'm interested in trying their essential oil/soaps next: 
San Jacinto for The Chook Man 
the Red Rock Canyon for My Self.  

Our anniversary is coming up and these would be cool treats.  
all that's left is running through the woods, Naked...

But, if you can't, do the next best thing. 
Light a stick of Juniper, and sit Naked on the couch.
It'll put you there.

Juniper Ridge Wildcrafted Incense

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