Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Calendar days...

Every year,  I wait until after Christmas to snag my Calendars. 
You are basically getting anywhere from 2 to 3 for the price of one!

I picked these two.

I pick ones that make me Happy.
Cause, I need to be Happy when I'm paying bills...

I also like to purchase a new set of pens or markers 
or writing instruments with some value of whymsical to them, like,
a nice assortment of CoLoRs.

 I'm using a Bic Cristal pens cause I'm totally grooving on the Pink one!

Unfortunately neither has the mOOn phases.
I'm thinking I will use the stickers from Ugly Dolls to mark those days.
Although, I should probably just go buy one with.

I make a Ritual out of transferring all the Vital Info
from one calendar to another.
We are talking candles, incense, and playlist....hells yeah.
What better way to infuse that gOOd EnErgy into your New Year???
Peace, LoVe, and GrOOviNess.

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