Monday, July 26, 2010

Mondays FiFthe of mOOd ~ Soundgarden

 Rusty Cage ~ Soundgarden

Touring again.

Its about f'n time, Cornell!!!!

Kim, You Rock!!
film segment from documentary HYPE.
I miss the 90's. Life was good, very good.

With My gOOd Eye Closed

Sunday, July 25, 2010

FuLL mOOn ~ July ~ Buck mOOn

 Buck Me?
no, Buck You!
you Uncle Bucker..

hahaha, ok, on a more serious note,
here we are at the end of July, 
steadily swimming our way through the heat and humidity 
towards the end of Summer 
{but alas, probably not the heat!}

As with the other moOns, 
July also has other names associated with it's full mOOn.
The Native Americans named July's moOn Buck Moon, for in July, this is when the new antlers of Buck come forth in coverings of velvety fur.

It is also called the Full Thunder moOn. 
Thunderstorms are most frequent during this month.
and, as I can attest to, dis is da troot.
Although, many times here in the South, 
it ends up being a piss bit of rain, 
just enough to double up the humidity.

Thunderstruck ~ AC/DC

Hay moon comes from The Farmers. 
They harvest the hay to store for the upcoming Winter months.

 {or other things}

Oof course, 
We all know that Thunderstorms are always a great excuse for a little roll in the hay for a bit of afternoon delight...

Afternoon Delight ~ Starland Vocal Band

Farmer's Almanac

Buck Moon photo

July Moon Bead art

Felted Deer picture from Flicker

Jane Russell still from The Outlaw

Rainy Afternoon at KeLLy Ann's House

Monday, July 19, 2010

Two SiSters Mary Thoughts for the Day~ July

"Nothing is more memorable than a smell.
One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting
yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in the mountains..."
~ Diane Ackerman

"Grass is the cheapest plant to install and 
the most expensive to maintain."
~ Pat Howell

"Deep Summer is when laziness finds respectability."
~ Sam Keen

"It's difficult to think of anything but Pleasant thoughts
while eating a homegrown TomaTo."
~ Lewis Grizzard

" A lot of parents pack up their troubles
and send them off to summer camp."
~ Raymond Duncan

"An onion can make people cry but
there's never been a vegetable that
can make people laugh."
~ Will Rogers

"The Hearts that LoVe will know never Winter's Frost and Chill.
Summer's warmth is in them still."
~ Eben Eugene Rexford


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Priscilla's Earthly Delights

Tantalizing Treats.....mmm, yum.
The marvelous thing about Road Tripps, 
is the Stuff I've Never Seen Before.

Food Treats is usually one of those quirky things 
I like to look for when perusing the aisles of unfamiliar territories.

Zidral Mundet
This refreshing drink is apple flavored soda.
Surprisingly, it really is good.
I'm not a big fan of apple juice,
but the flavor is very soft.
Carbonated Apple Juice.

Sno Caps
You may be wondering, what the hell I'm doing with 
a box of Sno Caps for The Treats today.

The stupid movie theaters here quit carrying them.
They are my go~to flavor equalizer in the theater experience.
Along with my Mr. Pibb
and the butter butter buttered PoPcorn,
Sno Caps complete the Mouthgasm.
{Priscilla schmiles}

Road Tripp Treats....


Wednesday, July 14, 2010



Laugh Fest.

The 1/8 Scale Model Mini Human Bits,
or, aka: Our Kids!
have been bouncing off the walls since 
they first saw the trailer for this.

The Man and I,
aka: The Parents....
wanted to go see it because Our Daughter 
totally nailed the "its so fluffy".

if we didn't know better,
We'd swear She has a secret life as a Cartoon Voice.

hey, stranger things have happened...

Family Time was enjoyed by all.

the theater had SNOW CAPS!!
or should I say~

Our theaters here quit carrying them for some reason,
and I just can't quite find the right chocolate candy
to marry with my butter, butter, buttered PoPcorn.

That made it worth the trip just for that.


Beach Holiday.
Perfect for making Sand Candles.
So we did.
I already had the supplies at home, so it was as easy 
as packing them in a box.

Candle wax
Double boiler
We brought back a couple of buckets of sand from Le Beach.

Melt your wax first, after everything is set up.
I improvised a double boiler by placing a tin pie pan
over a pot of boiling water on med/low heat.
I was in no way thrilled to do it this way 
and would have preferred a better alternative,
but having worked with Wax, I made do.
Using The Womb Fruits beach toys, 
They made  the impressions in the sand
I cut the Wick to length and used a twisted piece of tin foil to
keep it up~right.

Make sure that the impression is deep but not touching the bottom 
of you container.
SLOWLY pour the heated wax into the mold.

After the Wax has cooled all the way through,
gently lift the candle out of the sand.
If it is still warm, let it cool completely.
Use a soft brush, like a paint brush, 
to clean it up and get rid of any loose sand.

For my Candles, I chose plain drinking glasses for the mold,
and dried herbs and fruit.
Bay leaves and Dried Orange Peel.

The instructions are the same until you add the herbs.

I would fill the mold about 1/3 of the way,
add my herbs, let cool enough to hold the herbs,
and then repeat until entire mold is filled.
If you fill the whole thing with Wax,
and then add your herbs, fruit, etc.
it will all sink to the bottom.
Especially the heavier pieces like Orange Peel.

Let cool all the way through and repeat the release process.

 I was really pleased with these!

 One problem I didn't see until after all was said and done,
was the Wobble Factor with the Sand Toy Candles.
Parts of the candle were higher than others 
resulting in Lean~age.
Haven't had a chance to find a corrections for that yet.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Left~ overs can be great for the Beach! Beat...
Especially if you don't have the convenience of 
staying ON the Beach.

We used the left over Roast Beef and French Bread
to make some nice, thick sandwiches.

Slice the bread in good 1" slices,
buttered a bit {not much, remember, you're on the beach},
just a little for flavor and so the sandwich won't be so dry.
Cut the Roast Beef in 1/2" slices.
I would have sliced them thicker 
if I had more Roast.
Then just wrap them nice and snug in wax paper.

Using the rest of the Chocolate Walnut Breakfast Cake,
I cut thick wedges and wrapped them also 
snug in wax paper. 

I prefer the wax paper because it is just as waterproof,
at least as much as saran wrap,
but without the inconvenience of it sticking everywhere!

The Roast Beef sandwiches were pretty filling
without all the sides added to it.

The Cake was just sweet enough to satisfy the sugar fix.
Along with drinks, couple of pieces of fruit,
you're set.

It's cheaper,
It's right there, you don't have to leave,
and The Womb Fruits LOVE! picnics.

Happy Campers make a Happy Holiday!


The kids have been wanting to make their own ice cream
We loaded up the machine, and our supplies, bought the fresh milk at the store
and made ice cream.
Since this is only the second time we've used the ice cream maker, 
we stuck with the prepackaged stuff.
I mixed up the ice cream and stashed it in the fridge for a few hours
per the instructions. 


After the required chilling time, it was time to put the ice cream maker to work.
Pour the ice cream mixture into the cannister,
place blade in and cover with top.

Layer your rock salt and ice around the cannister
to the top. Then place motor on. Start your machine.

When the ice cream is finished churning,
 remove the motor and blade,
plug hole in lid with plug,
repack with ice and rock salt to finish freeze.

Just follow your ice cream makers instructions.
The last step didn't seem to do too much,
so I put the cannister in the freezer.
It was really good for prepackaged.
It was more like ice milk, than ice cream.
Next time, I want to try the cooked version
and a custard version.

Made for a nice simple dessert or treat.

Simple Meals ~ Salmon Patties

This is one of those meals from my childhood. 
A favorite.
A very simple meal, really nice for the last day of a Holiday HoHo Vacation.
{and even more so, if you have left overs
to make sandwiches on the road tripp home the next day}

Salmon Patties quickly became one of
The Chook Man and The Womb Fruits favorites too.
I prefer mine the next day, cold, 
made into a sandwich on fresh white bread and mayo.

Cans of Salmon
1 Egg
Salt & PePPer

I used three cans and it made just enough for 5 adults
and 2 kiddos.
No left overs.

Open the Salmon and dump into a bowl.
Clean it up a bit,
by taking out the skin and round backbone bits.
It doesn't have to be perfect, just the bigger pieces.
With Salmon, I once again keep the Spices & Flavorings, simple.
It's similar to making Tuna, when you add your Seasoning.
I say be careful with your Mustard and Salt,
 because too much seems to throw off the taste of the Salmon,
and it's a bit salty in the first place.
Add your Egg, to help hold it together.
Mix well and form into patties.

I use  a non~stick pan, with no oil.
Just cook until holds together, and nice dark golden on both sides.
Add sides to make a meal,
or let cool and make sandwiches.

Score another one for the Happy Campers on Holiday!