Sunday, July 11, 2010

Florida Bound

 Boogie on the Beach ~ Red Elvises

We're going to the beach, We're going to the beach...
I'm excited
The Chook Man is excited
The Womb Fruits are excited...

even The Grown Womb Fruits, for they are coming too!

I've always loved zipping through the underwater tunnel in Mobile, Alabama.
Alas, there is no more zipping through for traffic sucks here just like every where else.
But it doesn't stop The Family from enjoying it.

The Trick to any vacation is Organization! especially for the Beach.
so, I organized.
There's the Goodie Bag full of goodies to keep my busy, on and off the Beach.

There's the Beach Bag with all we might need ~ Towels, Sunscreen, Floaties, Water, Snacks, Goggles..

Movies ~ thanks to technology, we can buy them, bring them, and watch them...on the move. or not.
Found~ Walmart $5 dollar bin ~ The classic Adventures in Babysitting.

Paperbacks ~ a beach must! Toss in a couple and you'll effectively keep busy while you roast your flesh.
umm, yumm, is that cocount?

We are all set.

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