Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Simple Meals ~ Salmon Patties

This is one of those meals from my childhood. 
A favorite.
A very simple meal, really nice for the last day of a Holiday HoHo Vacation.
{and even more so, if you have left overs
to make sandwiches on the road tripp home the next day}

Salmon Patties quickly became one of
The Chook Man and The Womb Fruits favorites too.
I prefer mine the next day, cold, 
made into a sandwich on fresh white bread and mayo.

Cans of Salmon
1 Egg
Salt & PePPer

I used three cans and it made just enough for 5 adults
and 2 kiddos.
No left overs.

Open the Salmon and dump into a bowl.
Clean it up a bit,
by taking out the skin and round backbone bits.
It doesn't have to be perfect, just the bigger pieces.
With Salmon, I once again keep the Spices & Flavorings, simple.
It's similar to making Tuna, when you add your Seasoning.
I say be careful with your Mustard and Salt,
 because too much seems to throw off the taste of the Salmon,
and it's a bit salty in the first place.
Add your Egg, to help hold it together.
Mix well and form into patties.

I use  a non~stick pan, with no oil.
Just cook until holds together, and nice dark golden on both sides.
Add sides to make a meal,
or let cool and make sandwiches.

Score another one for the Happy Campers on Holiday!

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