Saturday, July 17, 2010

Priscilla's Earthly Delights

Tantalizing Treats.....mmm, yum.
The marvelous thing about Road Tripps, 
is the Stuff I've Never Seen Before.

Food Treats is usually one of those quirky things 
I like to look for when perusing the aisles of unfamiliar territories.

Zidral Mundet
This refreshing drink is apple flavored soda.
Surprisingly, it really is good.
I'm not a big fan of apple juice,
but the flavor is very soft.
Carbonated Apple Juice.

Sno Caps
You may be wondering, what the hell I'm doing with 
a box of Sno Caps for The Treats today.

The stupid movie theaters here quit carrying them.
They are my go~to flavor equalizer in the theater experience.
Along with my Mr. Pibb
and the butter butter buttered PoPcorn,
Sno Caps complete the Mouthgasm.
{Priscilla schmiles}

Road Tripp Treats....


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