Monday, July 26, 2010

Mondays FiFthe of mOOd ~ Soundgarden

 Rusty Cage ~ Soundgarden

Touring again.

Its about f'n time, Cornell!!!!

Kim, You Rock!!
film segment from documentary HYPE.
I miss the 90's. Life was good, very good.

With My gOOd Eye Closed


  1. KeLLY aNN,

    Love this video!

    I want you to know how touched I am that you shared your story with me. To become and bride and lose your father at the same time is so monumentally unfair. I know that you still grieve and ache for him, so please know that I am sending all my good energy your way, and don't hesitate to email me or message me if you just need to vent. My heart is with you.


  2. {wow Cj, thanks for that. I found your blog through Hipstercrite, and I immediately felt at home. Grief is a really weird vibe and the uncertainty of it, is so damaging. But I love your sense of humor too. I keep finding my self saying "yeah, yeah, me too"...