Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Roger, Roger! We have blast off...


 Resin Rockets

Here are some resin Rockets that I've been playing around with.
I've just about got the colors and placings exactly where I want them to be.
Yellow is being kind of snarky about toning up...

I always have fun with the clear castings. 
The problem with the clear ones is the goofs show up much more.
Will that stop me?
hell no.
I am determined to figure this out. 

You know that spot where You just know you've almost hit
I'm there.
Alas, all the rain we've been having, and the regular smothering humidty
has at this time put a "damper" {yep, I did!}
on the resin pouring.
Humidity and Dampness is no friend of Resin.

I want to finish these up by adding some type of brooch/pin backing.


  1. These are fab!! Have been wanting to try resin for ages and not plucked up the courage yet!

  2. {Minky ~ Do it! I've been making my own molds too. I'm hoping to finish up a resin tutorial and a mold making tutorial soon. Just with the products that I've used. If you have any questions, please ask. I will do my best "}

  3. I wish we could get some of your rain here. We haven't had a good rain (other than a 5 minute shower) in at least a month! We're getting paranoid about our well drying up. Ugh.

    I love your "will do" attitude. Everyone always thinks making art is so easy. That's one of the reasons we artists don't get the respect we deserve. People have no idea how difficult it can be physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. But it is fun too! :)


  4. {Melissa ~ really the only reason we are even getting this rain, from what I understand was the hurricane/tropical storm that Texas just had. I hate those piss bit o' rains we get. It just makes it worse.

    Art is not easy. I get so chapped when I need to take a university course and its full because all those other people think its an easy A. pish posh! Amen Sistah!

  5. These could also make cool looking buttons for kids attire. Neat looking!

  6. {Dude, Marlou, Peg ~ Thank You. I'm really looking forward to getting this refined.