Sunday, July 25, 2010

FuLL mOOn ~ July ~ Buck mOOn

 Buck Me?
no, Buck You!
you Uncle Bucker..

hahaha, ok, on a more serious note,
here we are at the end of July, 
steadily swimming our way through the heat and humidity 
towards the end of Summer 
{but alas, probably not the heat!}

As with the other moOns, 
July also has other names associated with it's full mOOn.
The Native Americans named July's moOn Buck Moon, for in July, this is when the new antlers of Buck come forth in coverings of velvety fur.

It is also called the Full Thunder moOn. 
Thunderstorms are most frequent during this month.
and, as I can attest to, dis is da troot.
Although, many times here in the South, 
it ends up being a piss bit of rain, 
just enough to double up the humidity.

Thunderstruck ~ AC/DC

Hay moon comes from The Farmers. 
They harvest the hay to store for the upcoming Winter months.

 {or other things}

Oof course, 
We all know that Thunderstorms are always a great excuse for a little roll in the hay for a bit of afternoon delight...

Afternoon Delight ~ Starland Vocal Band

Farmer's Almanac

Buck Moon photo

July Moon Bead art

Felted Deer picture from Flicker

Jane Russell still from The Outlaw

Rainy Afternoon at KeLLy Ann's House


  1. It's so humid in Southern UK at the mo too, how I wish for a good storm to clear the air. I always feel it brings about a kind of re-newing energy. M x

  2. {Minky ~ this past week We have been getting some decent storms; short but keeping the temp down. Every time we have a really good thunderstorm, I tell my kiddos "look how beautiful it is, everything all clean and refreshed. See how the green stands out..." lol
    the artist in me just comes out!