Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Left~ overs can be great for the Beach! Beat...
Especially if you don't have the convenience of 
staying ON the Beach.

We used the left over Roast Beef and French Bread
to make some nice, thick sandwiches.

Slice the bread in good 1" slices,
buttered a bit {not much, remember, you're on the beach},
just a little for flavor and so the sandwich won't be so dry.
Cut the Roast Beef in 1/2" slices.
I would have sliced them thicker 
if I had more Roast.
Then just wrap them nice and snug in wax paper.

Using the rest of the Chocolate Walnut Breakfast Cake,
I cut thick wedges and wrapped them also 
snug in wax paper. 

I prefer the wax paper because it is just as waterproof,
at least as much as saran wrap,
but without the inconvenience of it sticking everywhere!

The Roast Beef sandwiches were pretty filling
without all the sides added to it.

The Cake was just sweet enough to satisfy the sugar fix.
Along with drinks, couple of pieces of fruit,
you're set.

It's cheaper,
It's right there, you don't have to leave,
and The Womb Fruits LOVE! picnics.

Happy Campers make a Happy Holiday!

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