Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scenes from a Bike Ride

Lebanese Blonde ~Thievery Corporation

Mardi Gras is here, biznitches.
You Make Feel Like Dancing
~ Leo Sayer

Ruby ~ Kaiser Chiefs 

Elvis and Superman are neighbors...

Bittersweet Symphony ~ The Verve

Crystal Blue Persuasion ~ Tommy James and the Shondells

a Bench warms itself in the Sun.

Cuts You Up ~  Peter Murphy

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Priscilla's Earthly Delights

um yum. todays treat is just Divine!

Syrup & Honey ~ Duffy

Local homegrown Honey with the Comb.
Like I've said before, 
it really is the simple things 
that can have such an impact on our day.

Priscilla says: 
"though honey is sweet, don't lick it off a briar!"

At our humble abode, 
The Womb Weebles mix it with peanut butter,
My favorite way is to drizzle it
across fresh toasted bread,
 and accessorize with Earl Grey tea,

Earl Grey and Honey....sounds like a heavy romance.
No need for a paperback.

*eating local Honey is supposed to help with your immune system/allergies

*it's always good to help the local economy

*it's GREAT for moisturizing your lips,
thereby making You someones candy girl;
{if you can keep it on there long enough.]

It's what to Love.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Simple Meals ~ ChEEsE ToasT

My number 1, 
all time, no matter the problem is, 
comfort food is 
ChEEsE ToasT.


Hangover.....ChEEsE ToasT
Morning sickness.......ChEEsE ToasT
PMS......ChEEsE ToasT
I f'n hate you, get out of my life....ChEEsE ToasT

You get the picture.

and the ingredients couldn't be any simpler.

When I'm sick comfort, 
it's usually regular bread and some cheddar block slices.

then there's the Mother ChEEsE ToasT.
Fresh french bread cut in thick ass slices
Two kinds of cheese
 and a broiler.

Slice the bread to your desired thickness...
I slice mine thick.
Slater butter on one side, toast lightly.
Turn over and layer the cheese, 
Put in broiler~
Melty goodness.
 Add hot tea,
A good book 
and you have a damn fine meal.

Toast an extra piece of plain bread for "dessert" 
by adding fresh honeycomb honey drizzled across it.

and if you really want to jack it up,
like for an impromptu get together of Kelly fans, um, friends..

throw on some thin slices of Red Onion, and TomaTo.
You pick what kind.
Of course, we call this Turkish ChEEsE ToasT
cauuuuse growing up, 
anything that was fancy or not "normal" was called Turkish.

Friday, February 18, 2011

February FuLL mOOn ~ Sneaux Moon

 Oh! the Sneaux, the beautiful Sneaux,
Filling the Sky and Earth below,
Over the Housetops, Over the Street,
Over the heads of the PeoPLe you meet.
Skimming along.
~ Thomas J. Watson

Moon and Moon ~ Bat for Lashes 

"When the moon light shines on the snow 
at the eve of the night and everything is silent, 
listen to the nothing,
listen for the sound of pure magic" 
~ Audry Kitty

 "If there was eternally falling Snow,
could it hide my feelings for You?..."
~Full mOOn O Sagashite

 Informer ~ Snow

Sky Painting ~ Margaux Williamson

Snow mOOn ~ Linda Nadel

Snowflake necklace ~ Macy's

Snow Sculpture

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two SiSters Mary Thoughts for the Day ~ February

 Your gown of vibrant colors
Swirled through the splendid walls
And round a hundred columns high
You danced in palace halls.
~ Apadana Palace, Charles Wiles

  Girl, I Love You ~ Massive Attack

"It is with the approach of Wynter that Cats...wear Their richest fur and assume an air of Sumptuous and Delightful opulence."
~ Pierre Loti

I was here showin Mad LoVe!

“Come when the rains have glazed the snow
And clothed the trees with ice
While the slant sun of February pours
Into the bowers a flood of light.”
~William C. Bryant

Monday, February 14, 2011

LoVe in Punk

Resin Hearts ~ two of my favorite subjects.

Chunky, rock glitter, splash of Cherry.
They would make a righteous ring, too.

 Left: LoVe Potion #13
Right: Punk Rock Heart


 Peace, LoVe, & GrOOviness.

 Massive Attack ~ Girl I LoVe You {feat. Horace}

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love is the air...

 {promo picture. I did not make these}

I have loved making my own 
Bath and Beauty stuff since I was in 
middle school.

Although I have not made these
well, I have made the Lavender Bath Salts,
these Bath Bombs have got my attention!

Mountain Rose is my No.1
place I go to for most of
my Herbal and Beauty needs.

Even though many are celebrating 
Valentine's day this month,
I share these as more of a 
Goddess Beauty Ritual,
performed on Friday,
which is ruled by Venus,
Goddess of Love.
What better way to show one's self Love
than to pamper it.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Priscilla's Earthly Delights

Early treat~ screw the chocolate, ok, well, not screw the chocolate, save it for later.
But hey, look at what my heart shaped box contained~ a new pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers.
Fuckin A!
{Priscilla says: Way Fuckin A!}

cause my man loves me.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Easy Kids Valentine's Cards

 School Valentine's isn't what is was when I was a kid.
I remember going all out at school, with crafts, and a party.  
Elaborate boxes decorated to receive cards.
Now its, buy box, rip apart, put generic name signing {From: womb weeble}, bring to school.

I just made some simple ones for my daughter to bring to school.

Using card stock, 
a butterfly cutter, 
and sharpie pen,
I snapped them out.

Decide what size you want your card to be. This is pre~K so we went small.

Fold in half, crease well.

Stamp cut the butterfly on one side.

Using your sharpie, draw Hearts in the butterfly window.
Sign on the inside.
Tiniest bit of tape to hold together..

I stacked them all neatly and wrapped 
a strip of card stock paper around it to hold them together.
Took less than an hour 


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February ~ Aquarius the Water Bearer

 water hookah under night sky...Age of Aquarius


February Stars ~ Foo Fighters

Air clouds or Water bubbles,
this ring is
phenomenally CooL 

This LoVeLy Mermaid has some sass.
She has her eye on yer Treasures!

I freakin LOVE Astrology.
Add one Bubble bath, 
in a pink tile bathroom;
and Music.....

 Aquarius ~ Cal Tjader

What do the Stars have to say about You?

Sweet Blue Velvet Mary Janes...

Vintage Heart Charms

 LoVe's Theme
~ LoVe Unlimited Orchestra

This appeals to the Gorey in me....

Sputnik Ring ~ JoWalker68

Mermaid figurine ~ BeeJayKay

Vintage Horoscope Mag ~ VintageNickNax

Aquarius screenprint ~ Horsedrawncarriage

Origami Aquarius Stars ~ Love2gifts

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Beef Stew...cause it's freakin cold outside.

I thought I had posted this recipe before,
but cannot find it.

This is a one of those dishes that I grew up
eating, and is definitely a childhood favorite.

Plus, it's a top 3 Pot~Luck dish in my bOOk.

With that wonderful new pressure cooker I 
received for my birthday last year, it's gotten
even easier.

But I still have to peel potatoes....meh.

I use:
Stew meat ~ I always buy the big pack.
Potatoes ~ about 3 large or 6ish small, peeled and chopped
Carrots ~ depends on your likeness of them
Flavorings ~ Worcestershire sauce, Salt & Pepper, Paprika

I'm still learning to use my pressure cooker. 
I used the book to get approximates.
First brown the meat { I like mine really browned, gets more flavor } 
either in the pressure pot
 or in another pan and then transfer to pressure cooker.
Add your seasonings and water.  According to the book I needed 3 1/2 cups.

Seal, place bobble, and turn on High heat.

When the pot starts steaming and the bobble is wobbleing,
turn your heat down to Medium or Low, and start your timer.

Once the meat was finished cOOking,
I transferred mine to the Dutch Oven,
and added the carrots and peeled/chunked potatoes.
I add my carrots first.
The carrots are my favorite part,
so I add extra.
Cook for about 10/15 minutes 
Then add my potatoes to cook for another 10/15 minutes.
Adjust cooking to your preference: firm or smashed.
I like my veggies smashable.

Surround your delish stew with 
your yummiest sides,
eat till your stuffed,
and then fall asleep on the couch.