Wednesday, February 2, 2011

mY fAVORITE tOOLs ~ The Dremel

This is for the serious studio hookers out there. 

The Mac~Daddy, the daddy Mac. 

The Chook man presented this to me several years ago 
after I got all giddified over the smaller demel.  Little did  I know.

This Dremel has more accessories than I know what to do with. 
But I Try!


This is the tool to have
for all my smaller projects.
Wood, resin, handles it all.

Different sets of shafts are needed for the different widths of the Dremel tips.
These tips are da bomb,
and work especially well with my Glass art.

Those thin drill bits are fantastic for making
attachment wells and openings
for jump rings and bails.
That steel wire one will skint you good too!

One huge ass carrying case that conveniently holds everything.

All these sanding bits
and a few buffer wheels.
Great for Wood
and rough sanding of Resin. 

Loads of cutting "wheels"; 
available in this really coarse type material
and a few metal wheels.
My only problem with these is the depth.
The connection to the shaft is dead center
of the cutting wheel.

And even more attachments and toys 
to keep that Dremel from getting lonely.
I still haven't figured out how to use that router thingy, 
but oh yes, I will. 
I've got plans for that one!


  1. {Minky ~ I recommend everyone should have one.
    It really does come in handy.