Friday, February 18, 2011

February FuLL mOOn ~ Sneaux Moon

 Oh! the Sneaux, the beautiful Sneaux,
Filling the Sky and Earth below,
Over the Housetops, Over the Street,
Over the heads of the PeoPLe you meet.
Skimming along.
~ Thomas J. Watson

Moon and Moon ~ Bat for Lashes 

"When the moon light shines on the snow 
at the eve of the night and everything is silent, 
listen to the nothing,
listen for the sound of pure magic" 
~ Audry Kitty

 "If there was eternally falling Snow,
could it hide my feelings for You?..."
~Full mOOn O Sagashite

 Informer ~ Snow

Sky Painting ~ Margaux Williamson

Snow mOOn ~ Linda Nadel

Snowflake necklace ~ Macy's

Snow Sculpture

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