Friday, February 25, 2011

Simple Meals ~ ChEEsE ToasT

My number 1, 
all time, no matter the problem is, 
comfort food is 
ChEEsE ToasT.


Hangover.....ChEEsE ToasT
Morning sickness.......ChEEsE ToasT
PMS......ChEEsE ToasT
I f'n hate you, get out of my life....ChEEsE ToasT

You get the picture.

and the ingredients couldn't be any simpler.

When I'm sick comfort, 
it's usually regular bread and some cheddar block slices.

then there's the Mother ChEEsE ToasT.
Fresh french bread cut in thick ass slices
Two kinds of cheese
 and a broiler.

Slice the bread to your desired thickness...
I slice mine thick.
Slater butter on one side, toast lightly.
Turn over and layer the cheese, 
Put in broiler~
Melty goodness.
 Add hot tea,
A good book 
and you have a damn fine meal.

Toast an extra piece of plain bread for "dessert" 
by adding fresh honeycomb honey drizzled across it.

and if you really want to jack it up,
like for an impromptu get together of Kelly fans, um, friends..

throw on some thin slices of Red Onion, and TomaTo.
You pick what kind.
Of course, we call this Turkish ChEEsE ToasT
cauuuuse growing up, 
anything that was fancy or not "normal" was called Turkish.

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