Friday, February 11, 2011

Easy Kids Valentine's Cards

 School Valentine's isn't what is was when I was a kid.
I remember going all out at school, with crafts, and a party.  
Elaborate boxes decorated to receive cards.
Now its, buy box, rip apart, put generic name signing {From: womb weeble}, bring to school.

I just made some simple ones for my daughter to bring to school.

Using card stock, 
a butterfly cutter, 
and sharpie pen,
I snapped them out.

Decide what size you want your card to be. This is pre~K so we went small.

Fold in half, crease well.

Stamp cut the butterfly on one side.

Using your sharpie, draw Hearts in the butterfly window.
Sign on the inside.
Tiniest bit of tape to hold together..

I stacked them all neatly and wrapped 
a strip of card stock paper around it to hold them together.
Took less than an hour 


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