Sunday, February 28, 2010

FuLL mOOn ~February~ Snow Moon

 I have no doubt that many many many of You will agree that this is very appropriately named!

Full Snow Moon – February Since the heaviest snow usually falls during this month, native tribes of the north and east most often called February’s full Moon the Full Snow Moon. Some tribes also referred to this Moon as the Full Hunger Moon, since harsh weather conditions in their areas made hunting very difficult.

I'd have to call it:
Snuggle Up With Your Honey and a Bowl of Sneaux Soup on the Night of a Full moON

LOTS of candles, cause, I don't have a fireplace.

and for Your listening pleasure

Snow {Hey oh} ~ Red Hot Chili PePPers

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Priscillas Earthly delights ~4

 Priscilla is a happy girl. 
An extra special bonus has Her eyes a GLiTTeR.

Continuing with the Vintage Pattern CoLLection,
I've added these.
The first pattern I've had on the fave list a few months now. 
I'm particularly excited about the dress.
I already have the fabric for it, some beautiful crepe fabric The Turkish Mother bought in, 
wait for it.....Turkey! about 15~20 years ago. Its actually very close to the print of the picture.
Lucked Up on the second pattern.
 Just plain fell in LoVe with the third.
I need to find a pretty pink gingham, perhaps....
and it will fit in with the summer set I bought a few weeks ago for our beach trip!

I love to bake cakes and pies.
If you love to bake cakes and pies, 
One should have something sturdy and easy to transport them 
or keep them fresh.  
I went on this cake plate, stand, carrier moment
and wound up with this cutie. 
Very retro, it fits with my house {circa 1953}. 
will definitely be worth its weight in gold 
just to keep the meringue on the lemon pies from sticking to EVERYthing!

Priscilla's icing on Her confetti cake are these scrumptious
polishes. Its the Finger Paints Holiday 2009 CoLLection.
The CoLoRs are Divine!
Just enough sparkle and shimmer to please even the hardest Priscilla.
Shimmy shimmy coco bop...

Sally's Beauty Supply had them.
Bonus:  $1.99 per bottle; normally $5.49.
I basically bought one, got two free!
AND! They had one of every color. 

{see blog listed below for really great color swatches}

Discovered this cute fairy party book at the library.
A handful of candles from our favorite Spritiual shop.


McCalls 3840 and Sew Lady SW108

Vintage Cake Carrier

Finger Paints Holiday CoLLection 2009 swatches

 Butterick 5916
Sycamores Secret Stash ~ ecrater

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Todays FiFth of mOod...


This is My motivation to getteth My arse in the studio...

One medium Cappaccino, whole milk.

One FiFth of mOod musical cocktail:
Saturday Night FeVer {Don't Touch The Hair!}..Double Disc set!
Gothic Girl
Scooby Snacks
Rock Star

One new paintbrush.

You should be Dancing

Gothic Girl ~ The 69 Eyes

Scooby Snacks ~ Fun LoVin Criminals

Situation ~ Yaz

Rock Star by Nerd {remix}

Life is Good.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Easily one of my top five beloved artists.

And painting like that isn't as easy as it looks, not for Me, anyway.
I always get flat and muddy,
or barely there.

Not Luminescent
or Glowing
or DeeP.

Look at that Pink.
Its like falling into a Sunset.

 That Red.
The color of the Heart in the middle of PaSSion!

His briLLiance, in my humble onion, is the simplicity of his composition, with two or three blocks, made with CoLoR that is alive.

I dream to own a Rothko.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Goddess Beauty Ritual

A mini~Spa Holiday! 

One of Mine favorite Friday things to do, 
is the GoDDess Beauty Ritual.
Friday is ruled by the planet Venus.
Venus is the GoDDess of Beauty and LoVe.
What better day to honor Your Beauty! 
and show a little Love to the Self.

I go all out too!
Most of the time, I have Friday's to My Self. My House becomes my spa.

I set about getting everything ready:
*Music! ~ Srsly! it could be anything from Hard Rock to New Age
*Incense ~ Rose is a Fantastic incense to burn.  

I bring out the Beauty Basket for any other things I might need, 
depending on what I am doing. 

The Beauty Ingredients can be anything:

*Green Clay
*Almond or Pomegrante oil
*Sea Salt ~ coarse for Baths; fine for Body Scrub.
*Apple Cider Vinegar ~ great for rinsing hair/scalp;
  removing buildup.
*Rose water ~ besides the subtle scent, it really adds Shine!
*Baking soda ~ great in the fOOt bath.
*Powdered milk ~ pedicure or bath
*Witch hazel ~ I prefer Thayer's Rose. sometimes Lavender.
*CoCoa ~ yes, even CoCoa if I'm in the moOd to make my own 
  Chocolate mask.
*Montagne Juenesse beauty products ~ great facial masks and 
  pedicure treats
*Chocolate ~Valentine heart boxes are divine for this.
*Nail Supplies
*Lotion like CoCoa Butter or Kokum Butter

One of the best tooLs I have , is The Magic Bullet Blender, that The Turkish Mother gave Me one year for Yulemas. The small cup that comes with it is the bOmb! for mixing up one's own Masks.
makes it smooooth like buTTah.....

My hair dryer! {the one that makes you look like a mushroom}, is wonderful when you want to do a hot~oil/deep conditioning for your Hair. Its like being in your own little pod~pocket of meditative state. I completely embrace that cool solitude~ness.

I fancy keeping as many of my Beauty products in clear glass bottles and jars, as I can. The older the better, when I can find them in good shape. Fill them with Oils and Powders, various sundries.....It's like a piece of art.

Steaming my face has been a Beauty Ritual of mine since middle school.
Usually, I will use plain water; other times I may throw in a handful of Herbs:

Your mini~Spa Holiday can be 
as simple as steaming your face and doing a mask 
to an all out, head to toe, I've got a date with The Man tonight, spa session.

Really, the most important thing 
is having the time uninterrupted. 
You'd be surprised at home little time I have 
even though I work at home.
SOMEONE is always coming and going.
I can relish the effects of The Man appreciating My best to look good...
I just don't want him to see it! 
Takes all the Mystery and Magic out of it.
 {ewww, that's what you do with that???....I know, right?}

Set Your Mood, Mix up some Notions & Potions, ...
Be a Beauty Mixoligist and Indulge your GoDDess.

Priscilla says.........{mmm, sigh}
Aren't we fabulous?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two SiSters Mary Thoughts for the Day ~ February

 The heart has reason of its own, that reason does not understand
~Blaise Pascal


Away in a meadow all covered with snow
The little old groundhog looks for his shadow
The clouds in the sky determine our fate
If winter will leave us all early or late.
~Don Halley

Surely as cometh the Winter, I know
There are Spring violets under the snow.
~R.H. Newell

If apples were pears
And peaches were plums
And the rose had a different name.
If tigers were bears
And fingers were thumbs
I'd love you just the same.
~Valentine's Day songs & poems

In my mind, clematis climbs,
And morning glories do entwine.
Woodland phlox and scarlet pinks,
Replace the frost, if I just blink.
My inner eye sees past the snow.
And in my mind, my garden grows.
~Cheryl Magic-Lady, Winter Garden


Go to the winter woods; listen there, look, watch, 
and "the dead months" will give you a subtler secret
than any you have yet found in the forest.
~Fiona Macleod, Where the Forest Murmurs

Groundhog clipart ~ Dennis Cox

Violets in the Snow by Janet Seamon

Snow covered berry heart ornament

Heart pop~pin
Morning Glories
Tree in Forest
{google searches}

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tin Tin

While living in Turkey in the late 70s, my brother contracted Hepatitis C. We were 6 to 8 hours from Ankara and Istanbul and it got scary. We ended up in Ankara for what seemed like FOREVER, and with no Time Machine or Time Warp to help shotgun Us through, 
it was a stressful time.

It was also a crazy exhilarating experience for Me.
It shaped My Dreams more than I could have ever realized. 
It was chicken sandwiches with an ice cold bottle of coke. 
It was Turkish pizza at the pizza hut. 
It was going to the bakery for fresh pastries, most especially mini eclairs. 
It was.....the bookstore.  

I still remember the day. Daddy and I went to the bookstore to load up. I ended up getting the whole collection of Dennis the Menace. My Dad picked out the whole collection, or what they had {he ended up missing two or three}of Tin Tin.  Of course, I'm an avid reader, so after finishing my books, I started on his. I was captivated by all the adventures Tin Tin always found him self in. Being an artist, the pictures came alive for Me. When I found out that they were making a movie, I was a bit, apprehensive, I'm picky about my movies. Then found out Spielberg was doing it. ok, this could work. Now we're Schmokin. 
It was a time of freedom for an 9 year old to be in a big city, a big foreign city at that, and by her self go to these places and take on the world. I could totally associate with tin tin, because, to me, he was my age. I read those books over and over. Over the years, they've become worn and torn, but still readable. Some how I ended up with the set, and just recently last year, gave them back to my brother........with a severe warning of severe punishment if he and the naughty nephews didn't take care of them. Be Afraid, be very afraid.....

Tin Tin helped take me away from the very scary thought of losing my brother. The stories, the art work, the characters, all right up My  Imagination Station's excellent room.
He was on international travels as we were.
Now Tin Tin is coming to the big screen again with Spielberg at the helm.

yes I am excited about the movie, and all those warm fuzzy feelings.
I shall celebrate by having chicken sandwiches, iced cold coke in a bottle, and a box of mini eclairs from the bakery.

The Blu Man is coming up on his 9th birthday.
Along with the gazillion Lego sets he'll be getting
A nice new fresh copy of TinTin in the Land of the Soviets.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy LoVe Day

This is my favorite t~shirt that I own!

We are not big on Valentines around here.
We are big on LoVe though.
We LoVe Hearts! 

For the last several years,
Our celebratories for this Holiday of LoVe has been
to head to the nursery to buy new Rose bushes.
For the last few years, the The Littles Me's have joined us.

Next weekend should be Our time to go get them.
Depending on this crazy arse weather.
I"m hoping to score some Gingersnap Roses. 

I do buy a small Heart candy boxes for the LiTTLes Me's. 
Just a little something extra special for Them.

Our big show stopping musical display of Valentines 
is to hopefully get to watch a movie 
{I've been wanting to see The Mysterious Mr. Moto  for two months!}
without a gazillion mazillion interruptions, 
and to eat a snack without having to share!~ its true. 

well, Cherry crepes would be gOOd.......

So, in Honor of LoVe, and Hearts, and Cherry Crepes, here's a dedication to all you Crazy Cats and Kittens

Come and get your love~ Redbone

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Priscilla's Earthly Delights ~ 3


Priscilla is quite excited about these!

For our Vintage, this fabulous uncut pattern for Pajamas.
I'm totally into all three sets.
I'm also thinking, of making the halter top/pants combo for Our beach trip this summer.
Great cover up, easy on, easy off.
Make the short set for LiTTLe Me.

I picked up this punch that makes a miniature BuTTerFly cut~out.
I don't have a clue how I missed this great little book of multi colored stock paper.
Perfect size to try out new ideas for PaPer projects.
Bonus: on sale for 1/2 price!

These Flower Beads instantly knocked down a wall I had come to, with these fantastic ring blanks I bought over a year ago.  Of course, We all know how things look on paper......
but I am Optimistic. Yes, Yes I am.

These next Delights have Priscilla all a~glow with Excitement.
If all goes well, there's a Really~F'n~Special Day on the Horizon that will ToTaLLy Rock!, 
if I puLL it off! 
Any Priscilla worth Her GLiTTeR knows, 
that it's the DETAILS that bring it all together, Darling. 

The Reason: 10 year weDDing Anniversary
The Details:  1970s Baby Blue Empire Waist Dress with Cinderella Dressings
The Plan: Renew Vows at Elvis Chapel in Vegas

Cinderella Dressings:

Now all thats left is picking the right shoes.........OoOoOh Pri~scil~la!!

simplicity pajama pattern

flower beads

Hair Pins, Earrings

Friday, February 12, 2010

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

 Its another rainy, slushy day here in the humble abode. 
They're predicting maybe sneaux....
I'm in Wynter mood, dark tones of plum and chestnut. 
I'm in the mood for a scent to go with that, something different
and today I chose Cheshire Cat 
from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.
It makes Me think of 
Ripe cherries in the deep damp Forest of Wynter's woods, crisp and cold.

Scents are one of the more difficult things for Me to explain.
I see scent in pictures, like how My pictures would smell if They had scent.

Cheshire Cat is warm cherry pie in an room full of incense,
its dark chestnut hair,  deep magenta lipstick,
Something different, a Scent that keeps the embers smoldering. 
That's just how it smells to me. 

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, they're different.

I just checked to make sure, but it looks like they still sell the samples. 
I purchased the 6 sample set for $20

From the Mad Hatters collection:
The Red Queen
White Rabbit
Cheshire cat

From the Bewitched collection:

From the Diabolus collection:

I LoVe Cheshire Cat and Bewitched.

So if You are looking for something new, something different, give them a try.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rituals and Altars

 I have an inordinate amount of LoVe for Rituals.

My Rituals are vital to the whole process of whatever I'm doing.
I feel naked without them.
They center Me,
allowing Me to connect to My Achievement. 

Simple Offerings

all mellowed together for a fine time!

I've made an altar out of everything, random and not.

I once put a tiny gift inside a tiny blue eggshell, and left it at the gateway of The Two Trees.

I have drawn a Heart on a flat stone and thrown it into the middle of a Lake.

I have danced Naked around a Fire.
{verra exhilarating!} 

It's my connection to my Inner Self that I want to express, 
and so that I do not forget the things that are important to Me.

Blessed Be, 
Peace, LoVe, & GrOOviness

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Simple Meals ~ Hamburgers

Hamburgers were meant to be Simple.
Simple shape
Simple taste
Simple to make

They are even simple to make ahead, and freeze
{cook or uncooked}

And they are great for a nice backyard dinner picnic.

For My Family peEps, I use
2~ 3 pounds of Ground Beef 
{Ground Buffalo is quite excellent as a burger:
But cooking time differs for it is drier than Ground Beef}

For My Flavorings, I use
approx: 3 tbs. either Soy Sauce {low sodium}
or Worcestershire sauce

For My Fixins, I use
variety of chEEse slices 
red onion
pickle slices {Essential for The Kiddos}
and of course any condiments you prefer.

{really, what's the point if you don't use buns, Hun}
I prefer the Seasame seed kind.

Broil the shaped Hamburger.
Drain grease off  when flipping over.

It takes a total of 20 mins or less to

a Simple Hamburger.

Ground Beef and Colby Jack
Ground Buffalo and Gouda
Ground Turkey and Bacon Apple Cheddar

{And since You control what kind of Meat, Bread, Toppings,
its much healthier and cheaper to do it at Home.}

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Plum colored CuBBie Cabinet

I've been wanting to put a new cabinet in my front room for awhile now. 
Until I can actually make it back to Turkey to refurnish my house with pieces from the Bazaar, 
I decided to try my hand at making one. 

Somehow in the process of reorganizing my studio, and cleaning up the kids rooms, I came up with this project. 
I had already been using a pine cubbie , that The Man and I had purchased from an unfinished furniture store for the Little Thems. The old one was only 2 cubbies so I went bigger with 3.

Two or Three years ago, I had purchased some wOOden fence post knobs to play around with carving. 
Thaat never haPPened.....

boOmboOmboOm! IDEA!

peanut butter jelly time.
Turn the cubbies sideways {like the other one} and use the post knobs for legs.
It could haPPen.

Wooden cube cabinet
4 wooden fence post knobs
Drill & Drill Bits
Hacksaw or Dremel with cutting wheels
maybe wood putty for filling, I used glue to the gap in and let dry
Paint {I used 3 cans}

Gathering various, yet simple and readily available, supplies, I went to work.  

MeaSure! ~ Can't say it enough. Take the time to mark Your areas. I stood the post up on its screw, and then using a ruler flush with the cabinet, center the drill hole so that the two sides of the post knob would be flush with the edge of the cabinet.

Using a drill bit smaller than the screw on the post knob {I'd start with one 1/2 the size of the screw}, carefully drill your hole, all the way through. The drill bit needs to be smaller so that when Your attaching the legs, the screw will have something to grab hold of. The post knob screws did not have pointed tips, they were flat. Hence the reason to drill and drill through.
This part was pain in the arse, I tell ya. Ok, maybe its Me, grace is not my best feature, but the post knob legs were wobbly, and you have to apply steady slow pressure with patience, not one of my best features, either.  But persistance; now we're talking.  The main thing you have to watch for is straightness ~ if the screw gets crooked it will mess up the drilled hole and tear it up so that there isn't anything to hold on to. Turn until leg is very firmly snug against the bottom of the cabinet.

The screws on the post knob legs were longer than the wood was thick. Grabbing my dremel and some cutting circles, I trimmed the extra length off. Admittedly, this probably wasn't the best tool to use. It tore the wood up a smidgen. I would have preferred a hack saw, cause, then The Man could do it, but I am without one.

Use wood putty to fill in any gashes or gaps, etc.

Cleaning ~ it really would behOOve you, to do the prep work.  I gave it a vacuum, wiped with a damp cloth and took off the felt footies. A light sanding if possible. 
Paint ~ I went through a myriad of colors, before I settled for this one. Originally I wanted to use Minwax water~based stain with a Cherry color, but I had concerns about the differences in the leg and cabinet woods.  I found this color at Walmart, and thought "Yep"
Now, in the store it looked a bit more, indigo {magenta with more blue}, but it turned out to be more grape. Its still LoVeLy.  I have been commissioned by LittLe Me to turn the smaller one into a cabinet for her.

In order for the stereo to fit, The Man ended up taking the backing off. I really liked it better because of the extra light it let through.

I have been inspired to learn how to build the cabinets myself, in a better, stronger wood, and possibly learn to carve/lathe the footies. 
After setting up in its saved spot of glory, many oohs and aahs from the LittLe Them's and The Man. 
Priscilla says ~ You go, Girl.