Monday, February 8, 2010


I know that PeoPLe are just completely exhausted of Wynter. 
and Rain.
and more Wynter....
and Rain.

I find the softness of  BaBy Blue to brighten up both. 
ChEErs me right up!~

While stuck inside on another drizzly cold day,
I use my Rainbow~laser Million Dollar Man EyE to infuse this bright color into my gray world..
and boost my haPPiness.

Its time for the next round of Treats~for~the~Wishlist!! 
{screams like a little girlie}

Happiness bOOsted.
Etsy just makes it too easy!

Just about everyone I'm talking to or reading about all have Spring and Gardening on the brain waves. Me included! This fabric flower does double time.  Flowers in blue.....and a lot cleaner than digging in the dirt your self.

How about something for the Little PoPsicles to play with? These CooL looking wooden "ice" blocks. Mine would have 50 foot Barbie women stomping on Indy Leggos, on an adventure that They have melded together.

This blue glass makes me want to grab the last of the PaPerwhites and display them in it. 
Beautiful, Me thinks.

I know so many PeoPLe who are knitting and crocheting. I want to move beyond the basic stitch at some point. What a tease this yarn is! I can only imagine the delicates made with this.

And speaking of knitting and crocheting, these ooh~la~la gloves are Divine.

You know I LoVe my Mary Janes. I can totally dig these. Perfect for those everyday, maybe have to run an errand~shoes. With a pair of flowy pants
and a nice fitting t~shirt, ...clean and casual.

Well now, things look to be, on the Bright Side.

Cold outside, Cozy inside....entice Your swEEtie into sharing body warmth with this charming piece. 
Add a little black eyeliner and a touch of frosty pink lipstick LoVe?
or you could just wear these.....just these.
Priscilla says  " shhhhhh"

Blue fabric flower

Wooden "ice" blocks

Blue glass

Ice blue Merino wool

Blue Mary Janes

Blue lacy crochet gloves

Blue nightie

Blue earrings

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