Saturday, February 27, 2010

Priscillas Earthly delights ~4

 Priscilla is a happy girl. 
An extra special bonus has Her eyes a GLiTTeR.

Continuing with the Vintage Pattern CoLLection,
I've added these.
The first pattern I've had on the fave list a few months now. 
I'm particularly excited about the dress.
I already have the fabric for it, some beautiful crepe fabric The Turkish Mother bought in, 
wait for it.....Turkey! about 15~20 years ago. Its actually very close to the print of the picture.
Lucked Up on the second pattern.
 Just plain fell in LoVe with the third.
I need to find a pretty pink gingham, perhaps....
and it will fit in with the summer set I bought a few weeks ago for our beach trip!

I love to bake cakes and pies.
If you love to bake cakes and pies, 
One should have something sturdy and easy to transport them 
or keep them fresh.  
I went on this cake plate, stand, carrier moment
and wound up with this cutie. 
Very retro, it fits with my house {circa 1953}. 
will definitely be worth its weight in gold 
just to keep the meringue on the lemon pies from sticking to EVERYthing!

Priscilla's icing on Her confetti cake are these scrumptious
polishes. Its the Finger Paints Holiday 2009 CoLLection.
The CoLoRs are Divine!
Just enough sparkle and shimmer to please even the hardest Priscilla.
Shimmy shimmy coco bop...

Sally's Beauty Supply had them.
Bonus:  $1.99 per bottle; normally $5.49.
I basically bought one, got two free!
AND! They had one of every color. 

{see blog listed below for really great color swatches}

Discovered this cute fairy party book at the library.
A handful of candles from our favorite Spritiual shop.


McCalls 3840 and Sew Lady SW108

Vintage Cake Carrier

Finger Paints Holiday CoLLection 2009 swatches

 Butterick 5916
Sycamores Secret Stash ~ ecrater

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