Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sister's Portrait Charm

Its simple
Its easy
and its cute.

Printed Paper with pEEps
Picture Frame charm
Mixing cups
Wooden sticks
Jump ring

Using the the transparent circle that comes inside the frame, trace around your chosen portrait on the paper.
Save the transparent circle. Carefully cut out your portrait;
its better to cut a little big and trim from there.
Insert all back into the frame, You want the clear circle to go in first. Its ok if its a tad snug.


Using the tape apply a patch to the back of frame. Turn over and rub against flat surface to make sure it is sealed weel.

Measure and mix your resin; 
I use my wooden mixing stick to drop the resin inside the picture frame.
Use a straw or heat gun ~VERY CAREFULLY and VERY GENTLY!~ to get rid of BuBBLes.
Once it has dried, overnight at the least, peel the tape off, add the jump ring and cord or chain.
Make multiples for a charm bracelet.

{all supplies bought at Hobby Lobby}
[picture frame by Charm Me]


  1. {kellyansapansa~ i know, and its so easy. Great for birthday party treats, or bracelets for gifts. I want to do a whole family next! "}

  2. This is lovely! I use these charms for my charm bracelets but have not tried the resin and would really like to~

  3. {lemondrop marie~ thank you. I've seen many people posting Vintage Valentines, and I'm really wanting to find a way to combine them with these mini charms. The reducing of the image may be tricky. But of course, I will follow up.