Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rituals and Altars

 I have an inordinate amount of LoVe for Rituals.

My Rituals are vital to the whole process of whatever I'm doing.
I feel naked without them.
They center Me,
allowing Me to connect to My Achievement. 

Simple Offerings

all mellowed together for a fine time!

I've made an altar out of everything, random and not.

I once put a tiny gift inside a tiny blue eggshell, and left it at the gateway of The Two Trees.

I have drawn a Heart on a flat stone and thrown it into the middle of a Lake.

I have danced Naked around a Fire.
{verra exhilarating!} 

It's my connection to my Inner Self that I want to express, 
and so that I do not forget the things that are important to Me.

Blessed Be, 
Peace, LoVe, & GrOOviness

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