Friday, February 19, 2010

Goddess Beauty Ritual

A mini~Spa Holiday! 

One of Mine favorite Friday things to do, 
is the GoDDess Beauty Ritual.
Friday is ruled by the planet Venus.
Venus is the GoDDess of Beauty and LoVe.
What better day to honor Your Beauty! 
and show a little Love to the Self.

I go all out too!
Most of the time, I have Friday's to My Self. My House becomes my spa.

I set about getting everything ready:
*Music! ~ Srsly! it could be anything from Hard Rock to New Age
*Incense ~ Rose is a Fantastic incense to burn.  

I bring out the Beauty Basket for any other things I might need, 
depending on what I am doing. 

The Beauty Ingredients can be anything:

*Green Clay
*Almond or Pomegrante oil
*Sea Salt ~ coarse for Baths; fine for Body Scrub.
*Apple Cider Vinegar ~ great for rinsing hair/scalp;
  removing buildup.
*Rose water ~ besides the subtle scent, it really adds Shine!
*Baking soda ~ great in the fOOt bath.
*Powdered milk ~ pedicure or bath
*Witch hazel ~ I prefer Thayer's Rose. sometimes Lavender.
*CoCoa ~ yes, even CoCoa if I'm in the moOd to make my own 
  Chocolate mask.
*Montagne Juenesse beauty products ~ great facial masks and 
  pedicure treats
*Chocolate ~Valentine heart boxes are divine for this.
*Nail Supplies
*Lotion like CoCoa Butter or Kokum Butter

One of the best tooLs I have , is The Magic Bullet Blender, that The Turkish Mother gave Me one year for Yulemas. The small cup that comes with it is the bOmb! for mixing up one's own Masks.
makes it smooooth like buTTah.....

My hair dryer! {the one that makes you look like a mushroom}, is wonderful when you want to do a hot~oil/deep conditioning for your Hair. Its like being in your own little pod~pocket of meditative state. I completely embrace that cool solitude~ness.

I fancy keeping as many of my Beauty products in clear glass bottles and jars, as I can. The older the better, when I can find them in good shape. Fill them with Oils and Powders, various sundries.....It's like a piece of art.

Steaming my face has been a Beauty Ritual of mine since middle school.
Usually, I will use plain water; other times I may throw in a handful of Herbs:

Your mini~Spa Holiday can be 
as simple as steaming your face and doing a mask 
to an all out, head to toe, I've got a date with The Man tonight, spa session.

Really, the most important thing 
is having the time uninterrupted. 
You'd be surprised at home little time I have 
even though I work at home.
SOMEONE is always coming and going.
I can relish the effects of The Man appreciating My best to look good...
I just don't want him to see it! 
Takes all the Mystery and Magic out of it.
 {ewww, that's what you do with that???....I know, right?}

Set Your Mood, Mix up some Notions & Potions, ...
Be a Beauty Mixoligist and Indulge your GoDDess.

Priscilla says.........{mmm, sigh}
Aren't we fabulous?

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