Monday, February 1, 2010

Studio Re-org ~ B

It is done. I am so HaPPy.

I solved the Easel problem by adding Swivel Coaster Wheels to the bottom. 
I can dance with it now!
Especially with all that Disco roOm floorspace now available!

The workbench corner worked out verra well in the end. The cube shelves went in the playroom and opened up space for the Rolling Paint Tray, which just so conveniently  fit
into the corner.

I put those Recycled Candle Jars to good use, holding knick~knacks 
and the Tins were placed in the drawers. 
I eventually want to purchase a large plan chest or watchmakers drawer cabinet to store all jewelry bits and findings.   
 Now, all I need is a Disco BaLL to catch all that wonderful sunshine......


  1. Wow, what a fabulous workspace - I am very jealous!

  2. {kellyansapansa~ Thank You. It was hard work! ") I've actually outgrown it, but the streamline really helped. I still have a little bit left on that. I'm dreaming of that studio built above my carport....sigh.

  3. Hey Kelly Ann!
    Nice studio! Thanks for visiting my blog, it's nice to know others crave ice cream when it's cold outside!

  4. {Melissa~ in a funny way, it tastes better. Sometimes in the summer, the heat can make the ice cream seem, heavy. and Thanks for visiting me too!

  5. {thingy~ thank you! it is pretty nice here!