Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tin Tin

While living in Turkey in the late 70s, my brother contracted Hepatitis C. We were 6 to 8 hours from Ankara and Istanbul and it got scary. We ended up in Ankara for what seemed like FOREVER, and with no Time Machine or Time Warp to help shotgun Us through, 
it was a stressful time.

It was also a crazy exhilarating experience for Me.
It shaped My Dreams more than I could have ever realized. 
It was chicken sandwiches with an ice cold bottle of coke. 
It was Turkish pizza at the pizza hut. 
It was going to the bakery for fresh pastries, most especially mini eclairs. 
It was.....the bookstore.  

I still remember the day. Daddy and I went to the bookstore to load up. I ended up getting the whole collection of Dennis the Menace. My Dad picked out the whole collection, or what they had {he ended up missing two or three}of Tin Tin.  Of course, I'm an avid reader, so after finishing my books, I started on his. I was captivated by all the adventures Tin Tin always found him self in. Being an artist, the pictures came alive for Me. When I found out that they were making a movie, I was a bit, apprehensive, I'm picky about my movies. Then found out Spielberg was doing it. ok, this could work. Now we're Schmokin. 
It was a time of freedom for an 9 year old to be in a big city, a big foreign city at that, and by her self go to these places and take on the world. I could totally associate with tin tin, because, to me, he was my age. I read those books over and over. Over the years, they've become worn and torn, but still readable. Some how I ended up with the set, and just recently last year, gave them back to my brother........with a severe warning of severe punishment if he and the naughty nephews didn't take care of them. Be Afraid, be very afraid.....

Tin Tin helped take me away from the very scary thought of losing my brother. The stories, the art work, the characters, all right up My  Imagination Station's excellent room.
He was on international travels as we were.
Now Tin Tin is coming to the big screen again with Spielberg at the helm.

yes I am excited about the movie, and all those warm fuzzy feelings.
I shall celebrate by having chicken sandwiches, iced cold coke in a bottle, and a box of mini eclairs from the bakery.

The Blu Man is coming up on his 9th birthday.
Along with the gazillion Lego sets he'll be getting
A nice new fresh copy of TinTin in the Land of the Soviets. 


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