Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Plum colored CuBBie Cabinet

I've been wanting to put a new cabinet in my front room for awhile now. 
Until I can actually make it back to Turkey to refurnish my house with pieces from the Bazaar, 
I decided to try my hand at making one. 

Somehow in the process of reorganizing my studio, and cleaning up the kids rooms, I came up with this project. 
I had already been using a pine cubbie , that The Man and I had purchased from an unfinished furniture store for the Little Thems. The old one was only 2 cubbies so I went bigger with 3.

Two or Three years ago, I had purchased some wOOden fence post knobs to play around with carving. 
Thaat never haPPened.....

boOmboOmboOm! IDEA!

peanut butter jelly time.
Turn the cubbies sideways {like the other one} and use the post knobs for legs.
It could haPPen.

Wooden cube cabinet
4 wooden fence post knobs
Drill & Drill Bits
Hacksaw or Dremel with cutting wheels
maybe wood putty for filling, I used glue to the gap in and let dry
Paint {I used 3 cans}

Gathering various, yet simple and readily available, supplies, I went to work.  

MeaSure! ~ Can't say it enough. Take the time to mark Your areas. I stood the post up on its screw, and then using a ruler flush with the cabinet, center the drill hole so that the two sides of the post knob would be flush with the edge of the cabinet.

Using a drill bit smaller than the screw on the post knob {I'd start with one 1/2 the size of the screw}, carefully drill your hole, all the way through. The drill bit needs to be smaller so that when Your attaching the legs, the screw will have something to grab hold of. The post knob screws did not have pointed tips, they were flat. Hence the reason to drill and drill through.
This part was pain in the arse, I tell ya. Ok, maybe its Me, grace is not my best feature, but the post knob legs were wobbly, and you have to apply steady slow pressure with patience, not one of my best features, either.  But persistance; now we're talking.  The main thing you have to watch for is straightness ~ if the screw gets crooked it will mess up the drilled hole and tear it up so that there isn't anything to hold on to. Turn until leg is very firmly snug against the bottom of the cabinet.

The screws on the post knob legs were longer than the wood was thick. Grabbing my dremel and some cutting circles, I trimmed the extra length off. Admittedly, this probably wasn't the best tool to use. It tore the wood up a smidgen. I would have preferred a hack saw, cause, then The Man could do it, but I am without one.

Use wood putty to fill in any gashes or gaps, etc.

Cleaning ~ it really would behOOve you, to do the prep work.  I gave it a vacuum, wiped with a damp cloth and took off the felt footies. A light sanding if possible. 
Paint ~ I went through a myriad of colors, before I settled for this one. Originally I wanted to use Minwax water~based stain with a Cherry color, but I had concerns about the differences in the leg and cabinet woods.  I found this color at Walmart, and thought "Yep"
Now, in the store it looked a bit more, indigo {magenta with more blue}, but it turned out to be more grape. Its still LoVeLy.  I have been commissioned by LittLe Me to turn the smaller one into a cabinet for her.

In order for the stereo to fit, The Man ended up taking the backing off. I really liked it better because of the extra light it let through.

I have been inspired to learn how to build the cabinets myself, in a better, stronger wood, and possibly learn to carve/lathe the footies. 
After setting up in its saved spot of glory, many oohs and aahs from the LittLe Them's and The Man. 
Priscilla says ~ You go, Girl.



  1. Wow, once again, wow.

    Love, love, the color.

  2. {thingy~ Thanks. I am quite pleased with the outcome and have been having visions of doing one in every color of the rainbow.