Friday, February 12, 2010

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

 Its another rainy, slushy day here in the humble abode. 
They're predicting maybe sneaux....
I'm in Wynter mood, dark tones of plum and chestnut. 
I'm in the mood for a scent to go with that, something different
and today I chose Cheshire Cat 
from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.
It makes Me think of 
Ripe cherries in the deep damp Forest of Wynter's woods, crisp and cold.

Scents are one of the more difficult things for Me to explain.
I see scent in pictures, like how My pictures would smell if They had scent.

Cheshire Cat is warm cherry pie in an room full of incense,
its dark chestnut hair,  deep magenta lipstick,
Something different, a Scent that keeps the embers smoldering. 
That's just how it smells to me. 

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, they're different.

I just checked to make sure, but it looks like they still sell the samples. 
I purchased the 6 sample set for $20

From the Mad Hatters collection:
The Red Queen
White Rabbit
Cheshire cat

From the Bewitched collection:

From the Diabolus collection:

I LoVe Cheshire Cat and Bewitched.

So if You are looking for something new, something different, give them a try.


  1. Ooh - thanks for the tip. I'm going to check them out right now!

  2. {kellyansapansa~Please let me know if you do try any of them. I'd definitely love to hear what you think!