Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy LoVe Day

This is my favorite t~shirt that I own!

We are not big on Valentines around here.
We are big on LoVe though.
We LoVe Hearts! 

For the last several years,
Our celebratories for this Holiday of LoVe has been
to head to the nursery to buy new Rose bushes.
For the last few years, the The Littles Me's have joined us.

Next weekend should be Our time to go get them.
Depending on this crazy arse weather.
I"m hoping to score some Gingersnap Roses. 

I do buy a small Heart candy boxes for the LiTTLes Me's. 
Just a little something extra special for Them.

Our big show stopping musical display of Valentines 
is to hopefully get to watch a movie 
{I've been wanting to see The Mysterious Mr. Moto  for two months!}
without a gazillion mazillion interruptions, 
and to eat a snack without having to share!~ its true. 

well, Cherry crepes would be gOOd.......

So, in Honor of LoVe, and Hearts, and Cherry Crepes, here's a dedication to all you Crazy Cats and Kittens

Come and get your love~ Redbone


  1. Wow, cherry crepes sounds awesome. Recipe please!

  2. {kellyansapansa~sigh, no crepes today. But since I posted that, I've been craving them so the plan is for next Saturday. I will post the recipe and pics!

  3. Ill be waiting on the recipe as well(: thanks for the utube video,I found myself dancing in my seat!!Have a wonderful day!!Warmest Regards,Cat

  4. {inthelightofthemoon~You're Welcome. I can't get enough of that song, its so catchy. I've always been a big fan of their other song~Witch Queen of New Orleans,too.

  5. Kelly Ann,

    Thank you for your support on my blog re: the fly that's bothering me. I am glad that I have grown far enough away from these people that I have the ability to have fun with this annoying situation. I thought my post was pretty's kinda fun to be able to tell people off in a 'nice' way.

    I am not posting your comment because I don't want them coming to your blog and bothering you. They probably wouldn't but better safe than sorry! But I sincerely appreciate your words.

    ~magickal HUGS!~

  6. {missmeliss~I almost didn't post because I had a feeling about that! lol. You're more than welcome.