Sunday, January 31, 2010

Priscilla's Earthly Delights ~ 2

Treats for the Sweets.....Priscilla's been gathering 
sweet things again. With two verra special pieces.
The first being that LoVeLy 
*Pink Currant*
necklace I posted on PINK. 
Yes, yes indeed. 
This has to be My most Delicious Treat out of this bunch. The picture does it not justice.

Second, but running so close a race to One it might as weel be a tie.....this Over the mOOn Vintage pattern. 
And the GLiTTeR Icing on this cupcake~its UNCUT. Not to mention, but Will! is I keep thinking about the infamous Pink Bunny suit from Christmas Story. How cool would it be to make one for each of the Kidletts for next Christmas?? yeah?

One of the coolest Shirts I ever owned was a Black and White Referee soCCer shirt. I have a thing for Black clothing with White coLLars and cuFFs....
When I first found the Mccalls pattern , that's what I immediately thought of.
The long sLeeve version would be top notch for that idea. The short sleeve I imagine in a Dark Blue print, but unsure of collar. 
The Simplicity pattern is also UNCUT! This Shirt Dress Style is what I'm into lately. It's seems to be a great figure flatter~er~ist....The Modcloth version I wore on New Years is very similar. Plus, the color versions on the envelope really drew Me in. I envision one of each..{ a Girl can dream!}

The SugarPoP LOVEs clothes! She will not hesitate to point our what She would like.
This is what She pointed out.
Ok, so I asked Her, if she liked, ....She liked.
The Simplicity Pink {first on left} is going to be Our first project. Its perfect for creating a Wardrobe for the Beach this Summer. The objective is to make 5 of the outfits. In Pink, Darling. Nothing else will do.  

and Priscilla's Lagniappe....some new Rainbow color Markers. 
I use these for glamming up My calendar; 
You know, all those Wonderful things like Birthdays, Events, BiLLs even. Nothing like writing that payment in Yellow or Bright Pink to just make it all nice and cheery~
We have another successful satisfying of the sweet tOOth. 

Butterick 8822

Simplicity 6952

Butterick 4317

Mccalls 6991

Simplicity 4182

Pink Currant Necklace

Butterick 9849

Mccalls 3650

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