Saturday, January 16, 2010

Priscilla's Earthly Delights ~ 1

Every Darling should take a ShoPPing Holiday...and as often as possible. 
{After you take care of bills, of course. 
Priscillas' must put priorities first to indulge in the Delights}

When My Oldest and I were Two peas in the pod of Our humble home, those days would come on Tax Refund and Student Loans. We'd splurge a little, go out to eat, do some treasure hunting, go to the bookstore, or a movie. 
Or maybe even buy the video! 
{oh the excitement of a new video!}. 
Really lets You appreciate the things you do get.  Now a days, I'm lucky enough to be able to do a little more shopping, but the appreciation is still there.
Here are My Treasures for Today's Earthly Delights:

These charming, accidentally discovered dishes. All the way from Rome. I want to try and collect as many pieces as I can to put in My Daughters Make~This~House~A~Home Secret Stash. I have also started one for My two older Sons, and they are based on their favorite colors. 
Pink, Of course, is Hers.

I'm a big fan of Thayer's Rose Witch Hazel, and spotted the Lavender scent at Whole Foods, and just thought "oooohhhhh".
I think it would go really well with French Green Clay 
{I order my clay through Mountain Rose Herbs}

I was also out of my Burts Bees Moisturizing Cream. 
So was Whole Foods. 
I desperately needed something for my parched face and decided on Kiss My Face Honey & Calendula lotion. 
I was skeptical at first, due to having oily skin, 
I have to be careful with the grease factor 
{which is why i love Burts Bees, soaks in quick, with no residue}. 
But Desperation is being Desperate, right?
And besides, I like Kiss My Face. 
Surprise!!! Although it does go on a bit "wetter" than Burts Bees, its soak factor seems to be quicker. Sigh of relief and a wooHoo for that!

Also picked up a few packs of these really pleasant Incense sticks. These are nice when you want a soft to moderate smoke and scent. You're house will love you for it!

Sewing is on my New Additions to the Life's Resume for this year. I've been collecting some vintage patterns since last year. 
I found this on Etsy, thought the Cupcake would like it; 
I was wrong.....She Loved it. 
I'm really looking forward to this one since it will require My MoM to help, from which I will learn, and Cupcake will be there, learning also. Especially since She got Her first sewing machine from Santa this year.

and, a walnut brownie.  
A Sit down Cup of CoFFee~Mystery bOOk~Snack to My Self~Walnut Brownie.  
Dat is true!
it was YummY, too. 
{hence, no picture}


  1. Your blog is like a lovely treasure trove.

  2. wow! i think i may have to try that rose/lavender and honey calendula stuff! looks amazing....aldo those plates are adorable! love the pattern.

  3. {soeur de le lune~ I'm waiting on my clay to make a really nice face mask with it. The Lotion is working out pretty nice also.