Friday, January 29, 2010

Lentil Soup


I had a damn gOOd Childhood. 
It's True.
Mixed Heritage, 
Worldly Exotic Travels

Mix it all Together, throw in some Blessings from Your favorite Kitchen Witch and You have a recipe for
damn gOOd Food.

Chicken and Dumplings from My Maw~maw,
Lentil Soup from My Mom.

From My earliest MeMories, Lentil soup was there.
My favorite picture, even though it is now ruined, 
was of a 2 year old KeLLy Ann,
Winter { I told ya},
and a bowl of Lentil Soup.
My Womb Fruits are Beings of that same Frontier,
KeLLy's Frontier.
The Man, coming in from a long ass week away,
to a cold, grey, rainy day,
has requested 
The Lentil.

So, Loving the Man to bits, I agreed. 
Going to the newly opened grocery store that I can WALK to,
We gathered up the supplies and came home.

3 really great things about Lentil Soup
*is so easy, 
* is a "big batch" recipe
*is a freezable recipe.

2  pounds ground meat  {if you like a thicker meat base, add 1/2 pd more meat}
1  medium onion
1  bag of Lentils
1  6oz can of TomaTo paste

Soy sauce {low sodium is the same taste as regular}
{powder and/or fresh; I use both, usually because I'll put powder in and then go,"oh, I have fresh"}
Salt & PePPer to Taste

The first thing I do, is soak My lentils in a bowl of hot water.
You don't have to; I do because it speeds up cooking time.

Brown the meat and then drain.
While meat is draining, 
choPPeth the Onion,
add some olive oil to your pot, add onion, and saute.
{the smells of sauteing onions or melting buTTer. Can you say Childhood Consciousness?}

Put meat back in pot and season to taste.
Add Your bowl of Lentils and water and then fill pot with enough water to cover.
About an inch above the Lentils.
Add the can of TomaTo paste then bring to a boil.
Turn down heat to about, med ~ med/high.
You want a nice boil, but not so its splashing about.
Stir often, say blessings!
After 45 minutes to an Hour, taste test.
Adjust flavorings.
If Lentils are still hard or too firm, cook longer until done.
Look There!
Lentil Soup.
Goes wonderfully well with
fresh bread
slices of white onion
and gOOd PeoPLes!
{that in the corner is my dessert, a cream puff from my favorite bakery}


  1. {kellyansapansa~Thank You. Its even better the next And seeing as its another cold gray day, that's a good thing!